My Life

  • Born

    This is when I was born.
  • 9/11 Terroist Attacks

    The terroist from over seas came and crashed airplanes into the world trade center.
  • War on Terrorism

    The war On terrorism has effected many peopel in many ways! It has effected my family, becuase the gas prices since the war have sky-rocketed! And many other familys becuause they have lost more than meoney... They have lost lives.
  • Met My Good Frind Jack

    This is the day I met my good frind jack. He still lives in Illinois.
  • Moved

    I moved to Iowa from Illinois, it deffinatly changed my life and I had to totally restart my life. But im all good now!
  • Keagan

    Shortly after I moved to Iowa I became best friends with Keagan Pinter.
  • Ice Hockey

    This is the day I took my first private ice hockey lessons. Today I am very sucessful now.
  • Tri-state

    My hockey team went to tri-state compotitons.
  • Nationals

    My hockey team went to Nationals and we placed 4th place. We played really well and I had a lot of fun!
  • Earth Quake in Japan

    The earth quakes in Japan devistaded their country, it also sent massive tsunamis all over the world.
  • Osama Bin Ladin

    Osama Bin Ladin was shot and killed by 7 nazy seals. And was then "burrined" in the ocean.