My life.

  • I was Born

    I was Born
    Popular Movies:
    - The Titanic
    Famous Person that Has my Birthday: EDDIE MURPHY!!!!!!!!! :)
  • My little sister was born.

    My little sister was born.
  • My 5th Birthday!!!!!

    My 5th Birthday!!!!!
    I turned 5. :D A popular Song: Mild Mannered Super Man By: The Roy Clark Method
    Popular Movie; Air Force One
    Popular T.V show: The X Files
  • I MOVED!!!!!!!!!

    I MOVED!!!!!!!!!
    It was the towards the end of my fourth grade year and i MOVED TO BEACON!!!!! I've lived in town my whole life, and then we moved. I miss it sometimes, but most of the time i like it out there. I have a big yard. :D
  • 10 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Popular Song: Makes Me Wonder By: Maroon 5
    Popular Movie: Are We There Yet?
    Popular TV show: Drive
  • I started High School!

    I started High School!
  • Got my Permit! :D

    Got my Permit! :D
    After 7 tries, i finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)