My Life

  • I was Born

  • Period: to

    My Life (so far)

  • Period: to

    MY life

  • Went to Kings Castle pre-school

  • Went to Central Park PS

    From senior kindergarten to grade 8
  • Went Paintballing for the first time

    Finally went paint balling with the boys
  • 13th Birthday

  • Starting taking guitar

    My guitar teacher: Josh
  • Graduated to High school (MSS)

  • Was finally aloud out after dark!!

  • Bought my first SEA-DOO (Bombardier 2 seater RX-STI)

  • Shot My First Rifle (M468)

    Fired a 6.8 caliber round
  • Time Toasting for careers

    doing what im doing right now
  • Graduate high school

    Then either get a job or go into college
  • Go into Canadian reserves