My life

By cph9031
  • I was born!

    Daughter of Dennis Neil Holifield and Mary Susan Holifield.
  • I started elementary school!!

  • My little brother was born!

    His name is Jake!
  • I started middle school

  • I became a freshman cheerleader!!

    This was a very exciting day for me!!
  • I began high school

    Murphy High School
    Murphy is the most beautiful school in Mobile, Alabama!
  • I made Varsity Cheerleading!!

    The most exciting day for me in high school!
  • I started my first job!

    West Mobile BaptistI work at West Mobile Baptist Child Development Center!
  • Graduation Day!

    I was so anxious to graduate and start college!
  • I joined a Sorority! AOII

    Alpha Omicron Pi ALPHA LOVE!
  • I started college!

  • I finally decided on a major, Elementary Education!