My Guitar

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  • A Gift

    Someone gave me a guitar. But trying to play it hurt my fingers too badly, so I did not pursue it, though I wished that I could learn to play.
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    My Guitar

    My Love Affair with Acoustic Guitar
  • Found an Ibanez Guitar in My New Therapy Room

    My supervisor said that I could have it.
    The strings still hurt my fingers too badly. So I never learned to play.
  • Retrieved from garage and determined to play.

    I wasn't holding it correctly, so it damaged my wrist. I sought guidance from an expert who showed me how to hold the guitar properly. I followed his advice and my wrist healed.
  • YouTube Lessons

    I watched YouTube videos to learn how to play.
    I think that my fingertips were less sensitive after years of computer keyboarding and touch screens.
  • Notation w/Internet References

    I created my own notation of shapes and numbers and glued colored gems on each card and my guitar strap.
  • Key Chord Cards

    Key Chord Cards
    I created a card for each of the 12 keys of the octave with major and minor chords for every scale.
  • Documented My Own Songs

    Documented My Own Songs
    I found the chords to accompany my original songs. I wrote some songs that I could play and then placed them in a binder.
  • Bought a New Ibanez Guitar

    Bought a New Ibanez Guitar
    I crocheted a dust cover for both the old and the new guitars.
  • First Public Performance

    First Public Performance
    I played Hungry for Love for a small gathering of folks.
  • Created a Memorial Video Presentation

    Created a Memorial Video Presentation
    I wrote a song for a friend who passed away. I created a video slide show in Windows Movie Maker that was played at her memorial service.
  • Meetup Group Online Community

    Meetup Group Online Community
    I joined a guitar player Meetup group and attended a gathering in a park downtown. We played chords to 70's songs.
  • Can't Let Go

    I wrote a song for my boyfriend and made a slide show with some of my original artwork.
  • My Guitar

    My Guitar
  • Receive Emails w/Links to YouTube Lessons

    Now I enjoy playing and learning form YouTube videos.