Cree's Government

  • Period: to

    My Government

  • War Between the States

    The East and West states argued about what time of government will be the best fit for the country. The East argued Aristocracy, while the West argued a Commonwealth.
  • The War Ends

    The War Ends
    The war finally comes to an end, resulting in an compromise. The nation would be run with a democracy. It deemed best fit for what each state wanted as a whole.
  • Parties are Made

    Parties are Made
    Two parties are made for the democracy. The blue and red party; Superman, and the black and yellow party; Batman. Superman is a form of Republican, Batman is Democrats.
  • First Campaign Commericals

    The first campaigning commericals come out. Troy Henderson, part of the Batman party, puts his commerical out first followed by Ashley Thompson, Superman party.
  • Debate Number 3

    Troy, Logan, and Victoria out of Batman are debating in one room. Ashley, Megan, and Anthony out of Superman are in a different room.
  • Voting Day

    Voting Day
    Today is the day to cast the votes for the final canidates, Troy or Megan.
  • Megan Wins

    Megan becomes President.
  • Sworn Into Office

    Megan gets sworn into office in front of the whole country.
  • Laws are Passed

    Laws are Passed
    Megan adds more laws to our country. These laws included women getting equal pay, animal abuse and cruelty is looked at as a form of assaut or homicide. The final law is anyone in the country can get married, no matter your sexual preference.
  • People question Megan

    People question Megan
    Citizens of the country are starting to question whether or not Megan is a good president. They feel she is becoming a dictator instead of a President.
  • Protests

    People begin to gather and protest Megan, wanting to throw her out of office.
  • Megan is Impeached

    Megan is Impeached
    All of the Senate voted to convict her on those articles of impeachment. The people agreed wholeheartedly. The Superman Party is stained with this impeachment.
  • Vice President

    Megan's Vice President chooses not to move up to become president. Taylor McKinley decides to allow a re-election, she feels she could not fulfull the presidential tasks.
  • Re- Elections

    Re- Elections
    The Batman and Superman parties are back at it, the same canidates, minus Megan, are running.
  • Two Canidates Remain

    Two Canidates Remain
    From the Batman Party, Logan Dickson is the representative. The Superman Party has Ashley Wright.
  • Logan Wins

    Logan Wins
    The people vote in Logan to be the new President. Batman has taken over the house.
  • Logan is Already Better

    The citizens are already liking Logan better. He travels to different states and hangs out with them. He is engaged and seems to be working for the better of the people.
  • More Children Named Logan

    More Children Named Logan
    The recent survey shows that more children between Logan getting into office and last month has increased by 90%.
  • Debt Free!

    Debt Free!
    By Logan getting into office and executing his plan to get out of debt, the country is now debt free.
  • Better Presents

    Better Presents
    Because the country is no longer in debt, prices of items has decrease significantly, resulting in better presents.
  • Logan's Still Got it

    Logan's Still Got it
    Logan passed a new law that funds fine arts programs and any other low budget programs an extra 2 million dollars.
  • Crime Rate

    Crime Rate
    Within the past 2 years, the crime rate has been reduced to nearly 0. Logan becoming President and actually trying to help the public has dropped the crime rate.
  • The Military

    The Military
    The Military is bigger and stronger. The aid of mice that can detect landmines, dogs, and drones the country is safer.
  • Logan has a Baby

    Logan has a Baby
    Logan is having a baby with his wife, Claire. They have decided to let the country decide the name of the baby.
  • Baby Chloe is Born

    Baby Chloe is Born
    The name Chloe Taylor Dickson won the poll. A 94% likeness for that name was the end result.
  • The Country

    The country is still going well. Baby Chloe turns one soon, the crime rate is nonexistant, and the laws in place are going well.
  • Break the Internet

    Break the Internet
    The Dicksons invited the country to witness baby Chloe's first birthday. The people who couldn't make it, posted pictures online and sent presents. #HappyBirthdayChloe was trending for a week.
  • Logan

    Everyone is in love with Logan and his family. Sadly Logan falls victim to cancer.