Katrina 2014

My Diversity Timeline

  • Teacher Education Program

    I was accepted into the Teacher Education Program in the Spring Semster 2007.
  • God's Salvation

    God saved me by his grace and mercy. This moment in my life I let my faith in God lead the way, and doors really started to open for me.
  • Joined Mazies Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

  • Student Teaching

    I started my Student Teaching at Westover Elementary, and then went to Bargerton Elementary (where I attended).
  • Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Education

  • Teacher's Aide Position at South Side

    I accepted a teacher's aide position at South Side Elementary.
  • Full-Time Teaching Position at South Side (KND)

    My teacher's aide position turned into a full-time teaching job on Halloween day. I would be teaching Knd for the rest of the school year.
  • Principal told me I would be teaching 4th grade.

    I was told at the end ot the school year I would be teaching 4th grade the next school year. I started moving my stuff across the school, and the principal didn't have the backbone to tell me that I would be teaching 1st grade because a tenture teacher was returning from taking a year off, and she didn't want to teach 1st grade so she through a fit. She got her way.
  • Married to Daniel Lewis

    I was married to the man that is my true love and best friend, Daniel Lewis. I also became a step-mother to a wonderful and smart little girl, Katelyn Lewis.
  • 1st grade Teaching Position/ 1st Special Education student

    I taught 1st grade this school year. In my classroom, I had my first special education student. I had no help from the special education teacher, and the little girl needed a teacher's aide to be with her at all times. The little girl would not sit in her seat, and she would use bad language during class.
  • 1st grade Teaching Position

    I taught 1st grade for the second year. I was given all the low kids in the grade level.
  • My son, Carter Andrew was born

    Shortly after the school started, I went on leave because of the arrival of my son.
  • Transferred Schools- Teaching 2nd grade @ Pin Oak

    I transferred schools to be closer to home. I went from a school that you had to purchase everything for your classroom to a school that had alot of supplies available for you to get when you need it for you classroom such as markers, tape, file folders, and etc.
  • My step-daughter, Katelyn was in my 1st class of 2nd graders at Pin Oak.

  • 2nd grade Teaching Position at Pin Oak

    I had 1 mixed student and 1 black student that were a challenge to teach. The mixed student was a boy that had repeated Knd, bad behavior, and struggled in academics. The one black student was a girl that struggled with academics, had bad behavior, and would pick fights with other students within the class.
  • 1st Day of Master's Education Program at Union University

  • 3rd year in 2nd grade @ Pin Oak

    I had a challege this year with some of the students in my class. I had two students that were black that challenge me to find ways to help them. I did referr both the Special Education, but only one got in. At the end of the year, the little girl touched my heart when she sang in the Talent Show at school. She sang a Whitney Houston song with no music. I was so proud of her!!!!