My Brother Sam is Dead Timeline Project

  • The Battle at Lexington and Concord

    The first battle of the Revolutionary War occurs. The shot heard round the world was at Lexington, Massachusetts. 700 British soldiers were sent to destroy or capture guns and ammunition the colonists had kept in the town of Concord, outside of Boston.
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    My Brother Sam is Dead Timespan

  • Sam Returns Home

    Sam returns from Yale dressed in a Patriot's military uniform. He announced that the Americans had beat the British at the Battle at Lexington and Concord. Father and Sam get into a fight about loyalty to the King of England. Their strong personalities clash, Sam storms out in frustration, and Tim hears Father crying.
  • Tim finds Sam and the Brown Bess

    During mid-November, Tim goes to Tom Warrup's hut to visit Sam. They talk about the purpose of the war and how Sam is willing to die for his principles, specifically, freedom. Sam and his girlfriend, Betsy, try to convince Tim to eavesdrop in the tavern to help the Rebels. Tim spies his father's gun, the Brown Bess, and realizes Sam stole it. Sam asks Tim not to tell because he needs it for battle. Tim reluctantly agrees, begins to cry, and runs home.
  • The War's Effect on Tim

    In the beginning of January, Tim hasn't seen any actual fighting of the war. Tim does see the effects of the way in his everyday life, such as food and guns vanishing quickly. Cattle is being stolen by needy soldiers in order to feed temselves and their troops.
  • Tim's First Delivery for Mr. Heron

    Mr. Heron visits the tavern and asks if Tim would be able to deliver some business letters for him. Tim uses fishing as an excuse to secretly deliver the first letter during April because his father is against it. The letter must go to Fairfield, a five hour walk away. On Tim's way he runs into Betsy. She deduces that the letter is about Sam's whereabouts, wrestles Tim for the letter, runs with it, and opens it. It says if the letter was delivered successfully, the messenger is reliable.
  • Journey To Verplanks Point

    Tim and Father go on a journey to Verplanks point to sell their cattle and buy supplies for the tavern. On their way back, they have to take a more dangerous, but faster trail home because of the snowstorm. Father rides ahead and goes back to check on Tim once in a while. Time realizes Father hasn't come back in a while, rides ahead, and sees footprints of a struggle. The cowboys captured Father. Tim keeps on riding and arrives home shortly.
  • The Raid at Danbury

    The British troops come marching in. Things soon get violent. British officers break into Captain Betts's house. A rebel messenger appears on top of a hill and is shot down by the British. Tim runs two miles to get Dr. Hobart to help the bleeding man. Captain Starr's house is surrounded and the Rebels inside get massacred. Ned's head got chopped off, and Tim vomits. Tim loses sympathy for both sides in the war after what he saw.
  • Father is Dead

    During June, Tim and Mrs. Meeker find out that Father died of cholera on a prison ship. Father's last words were that he had forgiven Sam and he loved his family. It was ironic that Mr. Meeker died on British prison ship, even though he was a Loyalist.
  • Sam's Execution Date

    Sam's execution date is set for Tuesday, February 16th. He is accused of being a cattle thief. Sam tries to catch two cattle thieves, but the thieves overpowered and reported him. General Putnam liked to use people as examples, and Sam was one of them. Sam's mother refuses to attend his execution, but Tim goes. Sam gets shot, and starts jerking on the ground. His clothes were on fire because of the closeness of the shots. Sam gets shot again and then stops moving. Sam is dead.
  • The Battle of Yorktown

    The Patiots win their independence from Britain. This is the final, decisive battle in the Revolutionary War.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris is signed, declaring America's independence from Britain. The Revolutionary war was then formally ended.
  • Tim's Epilogue

    47 years after Sam's execution, Tim reflects on the war. Tim leads a happy life and has a family of his own. Tim moved to Pennsylvania with Mrs. Meeker and opened up another tavern. Mother never got over Sam's death, and told stories of him to her grandchildren. Tim questions if Americans' freedom could have been obtained without the loss of so many lives.