My Brother Sam is Dead Timeline

By 103219
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    This was the first Battle in the Revolutionary War. The Americans won Lexington and Concord, giving them confidence and hope that the same would happen in the future.
  • Sam comes home with new of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

    Sam comes home to the tavern to tell Father, Mother, and Tim that the Americans beat the British in the Battle of Lexington and Concord. He also tells them that he's in Captain Benedict Arnold's company in the war. Father and Sam get into a huge argument over the sides of the upcoming war.
  • Sam steals the Brown Bess and leaves

    Sam gets into an argument with father and steals the family's Brown Bess. He then runs away to join the Rebel Army.
  • Sam comes home back from the army.

    He comes home to visit Betsy Read, his girlfriend.
  • Continentals come looking for weapons

    The continentals came to the Tavern looking for weapons. This was because Redding was a Tory town, so they wanted to take from the "opposite" side of the war. The soldiers threatened Father by sticking a sword at him, but since Sam stole the Brown Bess, Father couldn't give them anything.
  • Tim tries to get the Brown Bess

    Tim goes to Warrup's house, where Sam is staying, and tries to steal the Brown Bess away from him while he's sleeping. Sam caught him and chased him for the gun. Tim threatened to shoot Sam if he didn't let him have the Brown Bess. In the end, Sam gets the gun and Father ends up okay.
  • Food Started getting scarce for the Tavern

  • Mr. Heron offers Tim a job

    Mr. Heron offers for Tim to deliver letters for him. Father says no because he's skeptical of the 'businesss" of the letters.
  • Tim secretly takes the job

    Tim talks to Mr. Heron secretly about taking the letters for him. He knows he's disobeying his Father, but he feels strongly that it's something he should do.
  • TIm starts the delivery and has a surprise visit from Betsy Read

    Mr. Heron gives Tim the letter to deliver. Betsy Read catches Tim and doesn't like the idea of the letter. She tackles him to convince him not to make the delivery. The letter never makes it to the desired location.
  • Tim and Father start to Verplancks Point

    Tim and Father start off to Verplancks Point. They run into cowboys who try to steal Father's cattle. But a local came to escort them. On the way home, Father is captured and taken away. Tim doesn't know what happened or where he was, but he continued home to Mother.
  • British troops come to Redding

    The British troops rode into Redding. The Generals went to Mr. Heron's house and came out and went to Captain Betts house, capturing him, Mr. Rogers, and Jerry Sanford. Then they went to Captain Starr's house, killing many people inside, including Ned. When the raid was over, they burned his house.
  • The British raided Danbury, Connecticut

  • Tim finds Sam in his encampment

    Tim hears about Sam's regiment staying in Redding, and he went to find the encampment. Tim and Sam visited and then Sam comes home to visit Mother.
  • Tim and Mother found out that Father was dead

  • Treaty of Alliance

    France signed the Treaty of Alliance to join the Americans in the Revolutionary war.
  • Sam comes home

    Sam comes home from the army, Tim and Mother learn that the Continentals are encamped nearby. He tells them he'll be able to visit every once-in-a-while.
  • Continental army camped in Valley Forge in winter of 1778-1779

    This was a very hard winter for many people. Clothing, housing, and health all had a hard effect on the army. Moral was low, but they eventually made it through the winter.
  • Sam was blamed as as a cattle thief

  • Sam's Trial

    This trial would determine whether Sam would be executed or be let go. The decision was made that he would be executed.
  • Tim asked for a second chance for Sam

    Tim goes to see General Putnam to try to convince him to not execute Sam.
  • Refusal from General Putnam

    General Putnam refused to let Sam go. This meant that he would be executed.
  • Sam was executed

    Sam had a potato sack placed over his head. Three men pointed guns at him and were so close that when they shot, his clothes caught on fire. They shot him again to kill him.