My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
  • Period: to

    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Sam Leaving for War

    Sam comes home, and tells his family that he is leaving for war and that he was going to take his fathers gun, the brown bess.
  • Sam makes a Decision

    An office comes to the Meeker home looking for the Meeker family gun. Since Sam has it, Life is threatened that if he wont hand over his gun he will be killed. Sam has to decide if he is going to have his father get hurt or not having a weapon in the war.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Tim becomes a Messager

    Tim is asked by Mr. Heorn to be a messager. When he goes to deliver a message Besty tells him to open it because it could be about Sam. When he opens it, it says "if this message is recived, the messager is good" which makes Tim suspicious of Mr. Heorn
  • Declaraton of Independence

    Declaraton of Independence
    This is when america declaraed their independence from Britian
  • Verplancks Point

    Tim and Life go on a trip to Verplancks Point. On the way there they are confronted by Cow-Boys, who are cattle theives.
  • Father Goes Missing

    On their way back from Verplancks Point Life tells Tim that he will ride ahead to make sure they are not confronted by the cow-boys again. Tim keeps riding along waiting for his father to check up on him like he usually did. Tim arrives at home knowing that father is now missing.
  • British Come to Town

    The British come marching into town to see Mr. Heron. This once again makes Tim suspicous of Mr. Heorn. They also kill Ned and march onto the practice field.
  • Fathers Dead

    about 5 months after Life goes missing it is said that he had died on a British prison ship along with Jerry Stanford, Tim's best friend.
  • Cattle Captured and Sam Arrested

    Sam comes home with and tells time to butcher his cattle right away because they will be stolen. Sam sees that some men are trying to steal the cattle so he tries to stop thm. When he does an officer come by and the men who were trying to steal the cattle say that it was Sam stealing. Sam was arrested for stealing cattle.
  • Sams Trial

    Colonel Read went to watch Sam's trial, and came back saying that Sam was going to be shot
  • Sams Execution

    Sam is said to be shot for steal cattle. Tim had tried to get the sentence revocted but even if Sam didnt steal the cattle he was not where he was supposed to be. Sam was shot from 3 different directions, then he cought on fire then shot again.