My Autobiography, Bhavesh Tailor ETC40S

Timeline created by Bhapoop
  • I was born

  • My first birthday

  • Got my first 2 pet lovebirds, named Rico and Chico

  • Chico passed away :(

  • I made my first friend named Ryan

  • First day of school (Pre-School at Shamrock School)

  • Went out of Winnipeg for the first time to India

  • Went to a new school for grade 1 (ILCS)

    ILSC is the short version of Island lakes Community School.
  • I hit my head on the countertop and ruined my teeth

    I thought I could fly and jumped off of the kitchen table onto the counterop! I bumped my chin on the countertop very hard and a few of my teeth fell out. This caused my adult teeth to grow in improperly.
  • Started to get interested in drawing

  • Got a pet hamster named Sniffy

  • Doctor told me I was overweight

    I was overweight because I eating too many sugary foods.
  • Sniffy passed away :(

  • Weight went back to normal :)

  • Went to Orlando,Florida and Disney World

  • Got another pet bird (Cockatiel named Marrow)

  • Marrow (My Cockatiel) had to get stitches :(

    My brother dropped him when he took him outside and Marrow started bleeding. After this incident Marrow never came out of his cage again.. :(
  • Became a School Safety Patrol

  • Got the Citizenship Award at ILCS

    This was at Island Lakes Community School.
  • Last day at Island Lakes Community School

  • Moved houses from Island Lakes to Royalwood

  • First day at St. Maurice School

  • Had to give away Cockatiel (Marrow) :(

    He was making very big messes and we couldn't handle having 2 birds anymore.
  • Was hospitalized for the first time (Bloody Diarrhea)

  • Got onto Honor Roll

  • Rico(Lovebird) passed away :(

  • Got the highest achievement in Science and Honor Roll

  • Got a new lovebird (Tigou)

  • Got my first cell phone

  • Started school business with Patrick, Jaylee, Debbie and MK

  • Got the highest achievement in Art and Golden Honor Roll!

  • Got awards in Biology & Art & Golden Honor Roll!

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • The first day of my graduating year at St. Maurice School