Musical Time Periods

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  • 400


    Gregorian ChantNo known composers
    Gregorian chant
  • Period: 400 to

    Musical Time Periods

  • Jun 1, 800


    Composers: Guillaume de Machaut and John Dunstable
    Sacred/Secular music
  • Jun 1, 1400


    Composers: Claudio Monteverdi, William Byrd, Thomas Morley, and Giovanni Palestrina
    Renissance Fairs
  • Baroque

    Baroque Basso Continuo and Ornamentation
    Composers: JS Bach, George Handel, Antonio Vivaldi
    Newtons Law of Gravity
  • Classical

    ClassicalAge of Enlightenment
    Joesph Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
    Printing Press
  • Romantic

    RomanticPersonal Feeling/emotion
    Composers: Claude Debussy, Felix Mendelsshon, Richard Wagner
    Cilvil War period (1861-1864)
  • Contemporary

    ContemporaryAge of science
    Composers: Arnold Schoenberd, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Charles Ives
    Cars, airplanes, computers, medical advancements