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Abilities Timeline

  • American School for the Deaf founded

    American School for the Deaf founded
    Founded by Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc in Hartford, Connecticut, the first school for the Deaf was established in 1817. Still in production today, the ASD holds an annual summer camp, and contains several different athletics such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
  • Louis Braille invents raised alphabet - Braille

    Louis Braille invents raised alphabet - Braille
    Born in 1852, as a young child Braille was blinded in an accident. As a student, he created a tool for communication for the blind - Braille - which included raised letters to spell the alphabet. Louis Braille reolutionized communication for the blind. He asserted the blind should not be pitied but treated as equals.
  • Phonograph Invented

    Phonograph Invented
    Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was rumored to have had a learning disability based on his performance in school as a young boy. At age 13 he caught scarlet fever which left him nearly deaf. In 1877 he invented the phonograph, whch was the first tool created for audio recording. He was later deemed the father of electricity and invented the telephone.
  • Helen Keller Born

    Helen Keller Born
    AutobiographyThis outstanding activist was born. She published many novels, and became a symbol to the possibilities of those who do not have all the same abilities as an able body person. "Though I can not see your world or hear it. I am a part of it" Helen Keller gave an incredible story and role model of hope. Her teacher Anne Sullivan was also a huge hero with the care of finding the capabilities in a child so Helen could communicate.
  • Hitler orders "Mercy Killing" of sick and disabled

    Hitler orders "Mercy Killing" of sick and disabled
    During World War II, Hitler ordered a "mercy killing" to remove all sick and disabled people of society. Postwar, many doctors and other persons involved with "Action T4" were tried and prosectued for "crimes against humanity."
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    Abilities Timeline

  • Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder
    Blind, American composer, song writer, and pianst is born. Proving to be another example of the capabilities of those with disabilities.
  • Disappearing Disabled

    MOLLYThis is one person's story of his sister who was sent to an institution at an incredibly young age. Her brother discusses society in the 1950s and how society promoted the concept that disabled people needed to be segregated from society rather than integrated. They were reunited later on in their lives!
  • Ed Roberts Activist and Hero

    Ed Roberts Activist and Hero
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxidR5SZXxAIn 1962, Edward Roberts became the first severely disabled person to enroll in college University of California at Berkeley. He continued to be an activist and create on campus awareness for equality of persons with disabilities. The concept of seeing the person and not the disability was of great importance. Check out this "60 Minutes" interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxidR5SZXxA Definitely had a huge impact on the culture!
  • Special Olympics

    Special Olympics
    First Special Olympic Summer Games held in Chicago. This was an exciting time in society. The culture was starting to view people with disabilities as capable and whole human beings.
  • The Architectural Barriers Act

    The Architectural Barriers Act
    The Civil Rights Movement was a huge time of social change. The attitudes were so much diferent as a whole from the World
    War II generation. It was more feeling oriented during the 1960s than the era before. During this time, minority groups most famously African-Americans and Women were looking for their place. This had a GREAT influence on people with
    disabilities too. The Archetectural Barriers Act was the first legislation for people with disabilities that mandated for equal access building
  • First radio reading service for blind (Minnesota)

    First radio reading service for blind (Minnesota)
    Minnesota - first radio reading service for blind established. C. Stanley Potter and Robert Watson began a radio station where narrators read aloud books, newspaperrs, and magazine. The station targets a blind or vision impaired audience. These stations can be found as part of universities, community groups, and public radio stations.
  • Disabled Women's Coalition founded by Susan Sygall and Deborah Kaplan

    Disabled Women's Coalition founded by Susan Sygall and Deborah Kaplan
  • Last of "Ugly Laws" Repealed

    Last of "Ugly Laws" Repealed
    The last "Ugly Law" is repealed in Chicago, Illinois, in 1974. These laws allowed police to arrest and jail people with "apparent" disabilities for no reason other than being disfigured or demonstrating some type of disability.
  • Education for All Handicapped Children Act

    Education for All Handicapped Children Act
    Congress passed a law that required all public schools to have access to equal education and one free meal- governement supplied funding
  • Deaf Actress Signs on with Sesame Street

    Deaf Actress Signs on with Sesame Street
    Deaf actress Linda Bove, graduate of Gallaudet College and veteran of the National Theater for the Deaf, signs a long-term contract to play Linda the librarian on public television's Sesame Street.
  • Ray Charles's song, "Georgia on my Mind" becomes state song of Georgia

    Ray Charles's song, "Georgia on my Mind" becomes state song of Georgia
  • McDonald's Using Down Syndrome for Ads?

    McDonald's Using Down Syndrome for Ads?
  • Down Syndrome Infant Allowed to Die

    Down Syndrome Infant Allowed to Die
    On April 9, "Baby Doe" is born with Down's syndrome and an under-developed esophagus. Doctors advise the parents not to opt for surgery and to allow him to die. On April 15, the child dies in an incubator.
  • America Disabilities Act o 1990

    America Disabilities Act o 1990
    "The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities. The Federal Transit Administration works to ensure nondiscriminatory transportation in support of our mission to enhance the social and economic quality of life for all Americans. The FTA Office of Civil Rights is responsible for civil rights compliance and monitoring to ensure nondiscriminatory provision of transit services"- fta.dot.gov
  • Comic Strip of Garfield

    Comic Strip of Garfield
    This Garfield Comic Strip gives another perspective of how the media oppresses people with disabilities. This comic strip jokes about "permits" for being "stupid" or "handicapped" Unfortunately, stereotypes are often used in comedic situations. Comics are often geared to a younger generation as well. So the media and social culture is not only promoting these ideas to adults but youth as well
  • Social Website Blogs

    Social Website Blogs
    Contains Uncomfortable WordsMemes are for every occassion no matter how inapproprite or hurtful they are. They give a glimpse into the truely discrimanatory and disable-ist attitudes that exist.
  • Dentist must treat HIV-Positive Patient

    Dentist must treat HIV-Positive Patient
    The Supreme Court, in Bragdon v. Abbott, extends ADA benefits to a woman with HIV who sued a dentist who refused to fill a cavity for fear of getting the disease himself. Persons with HIV/AIDS are considered disabled under the ADA.
  • The Other Sister

    The Other Sister
    Move in 60 Seconds This movie explores the different situations and coming of age of a young girl with a learning disability. The movie explores her need for independence, love, friendship, and personal fulfillment. This movie came out in 1999, which was one of the first to feature a character with a mental disability as the main character.
  • Talk Show Host Laughs at Guest

    Talk Show Host Laughs at Guest
    rude talk show host
    This clip shows a German talk show host laughing at his guests. It is pretty painful to watch such behavior.However, the crowd is supportive of the guest. Which shows that the behavior is unacceptable. However, these attitudes still occur. and these behaviors still happen!! This clip was suppose to be like an SNL skit. However, utilizing this type of comedic relief is truly sad
  • PSA Disability Discrimination: Job Interview

    PSA Disability Discrimination: Job Interview
    This public service announcement's goal is to show that one should be looking at the person and not the disability. A response by someone with a disability to this video says: :"As a person diagnosed with a mild form of autism, anxiety disorder & depression (clinical diagnosis), its an issue affecting me whenever I seek employment or have work (currently I do). Discrimination comes in all forms, but the disabled can perform easily or equally at work.,.
  • Clothing Promotes Negative Messages

    Clothing Promotes Negative Messages
    With graphic t-shirt's becoming ever popular in our culture it's a plethora of negative messages! However, media makes them look "cool" or "the thing to wear". All these do is further promote the discrimatory and degrading attitudes of a culture.
  • Nike comercial - "No Excuses"

    Nike comercial - "No Excuses"
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obdd31Q9PqA Nike commercial featuring man in wheelchair playing basketball. He explains there are "no excuses" for giving up or not trying - advocating the idea that disabilities are not to be pitied
  • Michael Jackson dies

    Michael Jackson dies
    M.J. is one of America's best pop musicians, and also suffered from vitiligo, which causes unslightly skin blothces. As one can image, the hardships of being a performer with a skin condtion. It is rumored tha Michael began to wear his iconic "white glove" to hide the unsightly spots on his lefthad.
  • Making Jokes of Helen Keller

    Making Jokes of Helen Keller
    Contains offensive joke do not open if uncomfortableThroughout society, jokes have been made in various circumstances about people with disabilities. However, one of the most popular are Helen Keller jokes which are pretty disturbing that society could utilize such an outstanding citizen as a joke.
  • How was Alan portrayed in this movie?

    How was Alan portrayed in this movie?
    The Hangover Creating a character like Alan states a value in our culture. We think Alan is funny because he is quirky, odd, and does not fit in well socially. Some peoples' disabilities may result in similar behavior. Why do we think this is funny? Alan calling the character from Rainman a "retard" is ironic because of his character. Yet, we still laugh at his expense.
  • GLEE

    Dancing with myselfAs we progress in society, as much as there are bigot attitudes there are also attitudes of humanity and equality. In show's like GLEE it promotes many diverse people. It show's the abilities strengths and talents of each individual. Artie, a character in a wheelchair give's an incredible and heartwarming performance doing
  • Glee II

    Glee II
    Actress Lauren Potter, plays Becky Jackon on the hit TV show Glee. Controvery arose from this act. Was the character offensive to people with down syndrome, or a step towards acceptance and awareness? The character was a cheerleader and displayed in a positive light.
  • Stephen Hawking receives Presidential Medal of Freedom award

    Stephen Hawking receives Presidential Medal of Freedom award
    Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist. His work includes the book, A Brief History of Time and contributions to cosmology. Hawking kives with a motor neuron disease.which has caused him paralyzation and loss of speech. Yet his work continues to influence science today.
  • A Christmas Carol's Character, Tiny Tim

    A Christmas Carol's Character, Tiny Tim
    Several adaptations of the film, A Christmas Carol, originally written by Charles Dickens in 1943, portray the character Tiny Tim as fragile and weak. He is perceived as an object of pity, as he walks with crutches. Films like perpetuate the stereotypes that disabilities are weaknesses and should be pitied/corrected.
  • Characters with Disabilities

    Characters with Disabilities
    Has Family Guy Gone Too Far? Family Guy is a TV show known for making fun of different people. Is is offensive to have a character who has down syndrome? The person who plays the character's voice is proud, yet Sarah Palin is offeneded.
  • Inclusion Act

    Ad This is an ad promoting inclusion in the workplace in Flordia.
  • How To Train Your Dragon

    How To Train Your Dragon
    Top 10 This approach to displaying people with disabilities in the media is interesting. First of all, the movie is geared to children. The main character, Toothless, the dragon, has a disability with his wing. He is unable to fly. But with the help of Hiccup, he is able to learn to fly with a protesthic wing. This is a story of friendship and over coming obstacles.
  • Uplifting Movies: Soul Surfer

    Uplifting Movies: Soul Surfer
    Soul Surfer Link
    This movie that came out in 2011 is a positive story showing the power and capabilities of people who have missing limbs. This attracted a younger population, so the media is giving messages of the strengths of those who have disabiltiies
  • Children dancing through disabilities - Ballet Academy of Arizona

    Children dancing through disabilities - Ballet Academy of Arizona
  • Nike commercial featuring wheelchair

    Nike commercial featuring wheelchair
    "No Excuses"
  • Jamie Brewer of American Horror Story highlights acting disability

    Jamie Brewer of American Horror Story highlights acting disability

    TED TALK This TED TALKS clip is not only valuable for its content, but also for the statement that people with disabiltiies are included in these episodes. This shows that are culture is interested in these people's stories. These stories are used for inspiration. In this episode, a star basketball player reveals his phyical disabilities and his perseverence.
  • Discrimination: Still Seen

    Discrimination: Still Seen
    Australian Jet StarInteresting, a more global look at the issue of discrimination against people with disabilities. Contrary to the USA, Australia enacted equalty rights for disabled persons nearly 20 years after the USA in 1992! Check out this woman's experience as discriminated against an airline.
  • Youtube: S#@T Disabled People Say

    Youtube: S#@T Disabled People Say
    Sad Way To Joke
    This video is a teenager making stereotypes and really negative
    jokes about people with disbilities. This is an example of some of
    the excusable prejudicial attitudes by society. The most ironic post to this youtube was the comment "This was in no way meant to be offensive." Hmm? Makes you wonder what society is teaching us about comedy. Some people thought this video
    was hysterical others claimed the creater a "Douchebag"
  • Device Created to Help Surgeon Return to Work

    Device Created to Help Surgeon Return to Work
    article After a tragic fall in 2010, the SPOT device was created to help a surgeon return to work. The device assits in helping the doctor become mobile again and remain in an upright position while in surgery.
  • Playing Video Games With Your Eyes!

    Playing Video Games With Your Eyes!
    AWESOME! A new device was created so people who are not able to use their hands are able to play video games with their eye movements. This article explains that the glasses are affordable. This is a step in the right direction to have equal opportunity for all.
  • Paraylmpics - London 2012

    Paraylmpics - London 2012
  • Facebook Memes

    Facebook Memes
    CAREFUL contains graphic languageBeyond television, clothing the social media websites also are a huge contributor to negative attitudes toward minority groups.
  • Liberty Mutual Commercial

    Liberty Mutual Commercial
    liberty mutualThis is a great example of people with disabilities being viewed as no less than anyonoe else in the commerical. Everyone is helping one another! It wasn't about making the person with a disability the main character, but a part of the human experience! There are many people with invisible disabilties who are often forgotten about. So really, anyone could have a disability.
  • Lindanee's Blog

    Lindanee's Blog
    Blog by and for people with disabilities - http://lindanee.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/living-with-a-disability-the-prejudice-of-disability-by-linda-e-nee/ Here's a blog site for people to discuss living with disabilities. It also provides resources and advice for those living with or working with disabilities.
  • Sex Documentary

    Sex Documentary
    Can people with disabilities enjoy sex? Should they pay for it? The need for sexual fulfillment is recognized for people with disabilties. We now are including this group into cultural norms.
  • David Weir - Paralympic athlete, faces discrimination

    David Weir - Paralympic athlete, faces discrimination
    Year after Paralympics, David Weird - wheelchair racer still faces prejudice and abuse on the street. Often pushed aside for being "too slow" despite his celebrity status.
  • Guiness Commerical

    Guiness Commerical
    Here, being in a wheelchair is "heroic" and used to sell beer. This commerical portrays people in wheelchairs to be couraegous. Is this offensive? Could the commerical still have the same effect if the basketball players were able bodied? What does this say about our culture?
  • Rape!

    news article In this article, a special needs student is raped in the school bathroom.
  • Students Stand in Support

    Students Stand in Support
    bully storyAt Plano High School a girl with speial needs was bullied and students stood up against it while her mother also managed to get the bully arrested. This is an excellent example of the community standing up for not only someone with disabilities but someone who is being abused
  • Everyone Needs a Label

    Everyone Needs a Label
    Check out this youtube PSA. Once again, in a work setting. Human being in general love organizing people into comfortable labels. This is an effort to break that. This is society trying to break the concept of defining a person by ONE thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpwWUKm6KA
  • Bullying is Real: David Douglas High School

    Bullying is Real: David Douglas High School
    David Douglas HighschoolPeople with special needs are not only discriminated in the
    work place. They are also attacked within the school system. This news story shows the reaction of some students who stopped the bullying of someone with a disability. This shows that YES there is discrimination, hatred and negative attitude. However, there are also definite signs of hope. With parts of society looking to CHANGE these negative behaviors and throughts.
  • TWITTER Questions

    TWITTER Questions
    This twitter question brings up an interesting point. Society is so ingrained in negative thinking that even people within the cultural group that is being oppressed begins to identify with the oppression. This tweet is asking if it is okay for people with disabilities to make fun of others with them. So, as the tweet responds NO it is not okay to make fun of something or promote negative stereotypes. Just because you can identify with a group does not make you a speaker for the WHOLE!
  • Uplifting from the heart of a child

    Uplifting from the heart of a child
    FAMILY LOVEThis little girl is describing her lov for her brother with down syndrome
  • Stephen Hawking; Hero

    Stephen Hawking; Hero
    Hawking Interview
    This man has overcome adversity in both a able body world and also a world that is mainly focused on a creator. rHis contributions to science have been part of 40 years in the making.
  • Increase in television characters with disabilities

    disability scoop
    This article discusses the increase in characters with disabilities. However, ther is a double standard because most of the characters don't actually have a disability. So is this a double standard? Instead of integrating the population they are just making a fake one? It's great that the population is actually being considered, but why can't they represent the characters, or should they?
  • Glee actor Lauren Potter portrays disabled student

    Glee actor Lauren Potter portrays disabled student
    Glee actress admits to continuing to face bullying http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20468121,00.html