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  • the assassination of Franz

    the assassination of Franz
    videohe was shot by Gavrilo Princip because Franz was traveling iin his car, and from town hall of Reception having an earlier that already that day survived one of assassination attempt.
  • cause of WW1

    cause of WW1
    newsit was caused by Mutual Defense Alliance,Imperialism,Militarism, and Nationalism
    the Czarist Government in russia be finally and completely overthrow, replace with an new atheist communist government..
  • final statistcs

    final statistcs
    the death tolls: was total 8,000,000 and wounded 19,536,000
    money that was spent on WW1 was $185,533,837,000
  • fighting begins

    fighting begins
    videothe condidtions in the trenchs: was probably was the worst thing that happened to the soilders, and the living in mud for months at a tims
  • british blockade

    british blockade
    the reason of the blockade was the german coast to keep out weapons, foods & military supplies from getting throw
    the affect of that blockade was serveral germans ended up starving ot death
  • Allies V. Central Power

    Allies V. Central Power
    2 sides Triple Entete or Allies and Triple Allis
    !) france, britain,russiaand USA
    2) germany,austria-hungary, & italy
  • map

    new nations: finland, estonia, latvia,lithuania,poland,czechoslovakia,yugoslavia,syria,iraq,palestine,transjordan
  • Lusitania

    pic video the fact was 1,198 died there were 785 passengers, 413 crew, and including 128 US citizens, whose to blame: US citizens were for people of britian against germany
  • great migration

    great migration
    videowho were they: the blacks
    where to: north
    why?: to escape the Jom Crow South
  • Trench warfare

    Trench warfare
    videothere were rats, lice, that were getting killedby the soldiers bullets many died bec. of diseases and infections brought on by unsanitary
  • Election of 1916

    Election of 1916
    video with no soundWoodrow WIlson won, because the election because of the progressive to the working men,and it was probably the main factor in his re-ection
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    news it was also called Zimmerman Telegram. Mexico & german empire war against US, proposal was caught by british before it was to mexico revelation angered the americans that led in a part to the US declaration of war
  • CPI

    newsit means : Propaganda agency to make the war more popular by influencing people by poster, cartoons about the war
    the leader of that was George Creel
    there is some examples of that: paintings,cartoons,and posters,sculpures that were promoting the war
  • selective service act

    selective service act
    newsthe men had regest for the government and 3 million were called, 2 million made it to Europe and about 3/4 million actually saw the action
  • Women's role

    Women's role
    video home front of it was that they were to be nurses, make guns for the soilders
  • 3 new weapons

    3 new weapons
    newsthe impact of the 2 weapons were: tanks,airplanes and machine guns
    these weapons changed the war alot the tank were able to drive throw barbwire and fire, airplanes were to shoot the enemies from the air unstead of the ground, and the machine gun were on planes and they were to shoot the enemies and carried grands
  • espionage & sedition acts

    espionage & sedition acts
    newsthe reason: they were the first amendment right of 1917 & 1918
    the Espionage means: US federal law passed on the 5th of June of 1917
    Sedition means: MAlaysia is a law prohibing to discourse deemed as sedtiou
  • WIB

    newsit means:the board want to companies to use mass-production to increase instances
    the leader of that was: Bernard M. Barunch
    there are examples of it: production quotes, allocated raw materials
  • league of nations

    league of nations
    reason: find a way for nations to solve problems but not going to war
    leader Woodrow Wilson
    point: 14
  • america joins the fight with germany

    america joins the fight with germany
    germany ignored Wilson's peace afford and wanted to sink the ship that came across the ocean and so they went to war
  • 14 points

    14 points
    speech videothey were: WIlson's speech for world peace: should be no secret treaties, freedom of he sea, economic and tariffs barriers among the nation, he thought that ther shuld be less weapons=less trouble, the otherneight points were dealt with the boundary changes....
    the author: Woodrow Wilson
  • armistice

    pic videoa trues to end the war on the 11hr. of the 11 day of the 11 month in 1918, the germany areed to cease-fire and signed the armistice
  • Schenck V. US

    Schenck V. US
    newsreason; he was against the draft compared it to slavery and thought people should have more rights..
    the outcome: the unanimous court was upheld Schenck's convictin, and stating was under wartime conditions, and the word in the leaflet that were not protected by the rights to free speech
  • big 4

    newsleaders were: woodrow wilson,george clemeneau, david lloyd george, vittorio orlando
    the countries:US, Italy,France,Britian
  • treaty of versailes

    video newsthe term: was the one of the peace treaty
    it means: treaty was imposed on the germany by allied power in the 1920s after the end of WW1 which was demanded exorbitant reparations from the germans
    pro's:barred germany from haveing a army and made them pay war damages
    con's:humiliated germany because of the war-guilt cluase.