Musical Theater

  • George White's Scandals

    George White's Scandals
    1920's mélange girls who preformed tunes and sketches and couldn't find their was outside of the show.
  • Mary

    It is a 2 Act play about Mrs.Keene who lives in long island
  • Blossom Time

    Blossom Time
    The fictional life of Franz Schubert and was one of the most popular musical shows of its time
  • Primrose

    It was an English comedy that was the work after George White's Scandals and it was a major success.
  • Lady, Be Good!

    Lady, Be Good!
    Dick and Susie Trevor are penniless siblings from Rhode Island that want to get money so Dick tried to marry a wealth young lady and Susie posed as a Spanish widow.
  • Big Boy

    Big Boy
    This musical depicted a lot of black face and was centered around a "black man" who lived in Kentucky.
  • Peggy-Ann

    It was seen as a "play with music" because all of the songs came on randomly and unexpectedly.
  • Sweet Adeline

    Sweet Adeline
    A New Jersey girl who climbed her way to stardom in Broadway, and is unlucky in love.
  • Flying High

    Flying High
    A musical comedy about a man who made an airplane but couldn't figure out how exactly to land the thing.
  • Flying Colors

    Flying Colors
    It was a popular play that eventually got turned into a movie years later.