music timline

  • 476 BCE

    The beginning of the midlee age

    The beginning of the midlee age
    The middle age starts at 476 , when the Roman empire from de west falls
  • 2


    Education started but just for people that will be part of the clergy.
    It was teached at a monestary, they learned notions of liturgy, prayers and the Bible.
  • 401


    In the middle age the feudalism. Feudalism is divided in three states the most important one was the king ,at the next level [middle level] are the knights nobility and church , at the less level are the vassals. The king had to acces part of his power to the nobility, losing control of those territories, and the king will protec them at wars.
  • Period: 1401 to

    Start and end of Renaissance

    The reneaissance starts by the fall of Byzantine empire and ends with the French revolution
  • Period: 1401 to 1501


    In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries humanism develops, this means that the human is the center of the anthropocentrism of the universe. Art was inflowed by humanism the also started to see art as an end in itself.
  • 1402


    The most important topics of the art are : Love.
    Classical mythology.
    New types of buildings for a new society.
    Aspects related to man as the center of thought.
  • Period: 1453 to


    In the Middle Ages, the bourgeoisie was increasingly influential, it was made up of merchants and artisans.
  • 1578


    The social groups within the Renaissance were The Bourgeoisie, The Clergy, The Nobility and a new social group emerged that were The Humanists, who gave a special meaning to life, valued every detail.
  • Religion

    Baroque art played an important role in the religious conflicts of that period. Faced with the Protestant tendency to build buildings for worship in a sober and undecorated way, the Catholic Church will use Baroque grandeur and complexity for its liturgical purposes
  • Period: to

    Baroque period

    Its an cultural period that developed at Europein 17th an the first half of 18th century, people had a pesimistic view of their lifes
  • Period: to


    Economic life is supported by a bourgeoisie where little progress has been made and a peasantry where there are more and more owners and fewer day laborers.
  • culture

    The realistic art start to be one of the most popular type of art, artist wanted their audiace to be moved by humans hepless situation.
  • Period: to


    With the invention of the piano it fell practically into oblivion mainly due to its lack of dynamic contrast.
  • Period: to

    Antonio Salieri

    Antonio Salieri was an Italian composer of sacred, classical and opera music, and conductor. He spent most of his life at the Imperial Court in Vienna, where he was composer and chapel master.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach dies

    Johann Sebastian Bach dies
    the consequences of his very unsuccessful operation were the cause of his death. Historians speculate that his cause of death was a stroke, complicated by pneumonia.
  • Period: to

    Jenny spinner invention.

    spinning jenny, early multiple-spindle machine for spinning wool or cotton. The hand-powered spinning jenny was patented by James Hargreaves in 1770.
  • Period: to

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer, conductor, pianist, and piano teacher. His work profoundly influenced later music and art.
  • Tarare

    Tarare is an opera with music by Antonio Salieri and French libretto by Pierre Beaumarchais
  • Period: to

    French revolution

    The French Revolution developed in France, its consequences were the abolition of the absolute monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic, eliminating the economic and social foundations of the Old Regime.
  • William Blake publishes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

     William Blake publishes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
    Blake was a Romantic before the Romantics even came along. In this book, Satan is a hero
  • Period: to

    Victor hugo

    He was a French poet, playwright and romantic novelist, considered one of the most important in the French language
  • Argentine Independence

    Argentine Independence
    The Congress of Tucumán, made up of representatives of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, declared the independence of our country.
  • Period: to

    Romantic period

    The musical romantic period is
    related to the artistic and philosophical movement. This period
    he defended individuality, subjectivity and creative freedom.
  • Richard Wagner publish Leubald

    Richard Wagner publish Leubald
    composer Richard Wagner to write a tragic drama in the style of William Shakespeare.
  • The restoration

     The restoration
    During the same, the French monarchy is restored in the figure of Louis XVIII of Bourbon. This stage was characterized by the attempt to recompose the framework of the Old Regime