Music Technology Mandy's Timeline

  • The New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company

    The New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company
    the first electronic message service
  • Telephone patent

    Telephone patent
  • Phonograph

    Edison invented the cylinder phonograph on accident when he is working on the telephone and telegraph.
  • First Microphone

    First Microphone
    Emile Berliner invents the first microphone and sells the rights to Bell Telephone
  • Gramophone

    Emile Berliner invents the flat record player ("gramophone") using acoustic horn and licenses technology to record companies who make "70-rpm" disks.
  • Jukebox

    Louis Glass invents the modern jukebox and installs it at the "Palais Royal" saloon in San Francisco.
  • Copyright Agreement

    Copyright Agreement
    The International copyright agreement is adopted between major countries.
  • After the Ball

    After the Ball
    The first "million-seller" song hit was "After The Ball" by Charles K. Harris, who was both its composer and publisher.
  • Lumiere Brothers

    Lumiere Brothers
    The Lumiere Brothers use piano with a motion picture program for the first time at a Dec. 28th
    -screening at the Grand Café in Paris
  • Orchestra to Picture

    Orchestra to Picture
    An orchestra is used with silent motion pictures for the first time in London.
  • The Electric Theater

    The Electric Theater
    "The Electric Theater" in Los Angeles is opened by Thomas L. Tally: the first Nickelodeon, a multimedia movie palace, that spawned imitators nationwide;
  • Vacuum tube

    Vacuum tube
    British scientist John Ambrose Fleming develops the first vacuum tube called a "Valve."
  • First Motion Picture Star

    First Motion Picture Star
    Mary Pickford becomes the first American "Motion Picture Star" in silent films.
  • The Squaw Man

    The Squaw Man
    Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky produce the first "feature-length" film called "The Squaw Man"
  • Transcontinental Call

    Transcontinental Call
    First transcontinental telephone call from New York to San Francisco.
  • Charge Card

    Charge Card
    Western Union introduces the first consumer charge card.
  • Big Telephone Reciever

    Big Telephone Reciever
    AT&T engineer C. G. Hensley got the idea for the loudspeaker when he thought about what would happen if he made a telephone receiver really big.
  • KDKA

    Morning radio broadcasting begins on KDKA, Philadelphia.
  • Teletypewriter

    Western Union introduces teletypewriters, joining branches and individual companies.
  • Electrical Records

    Electrical Records
    Electrical records replace acoustic discs, via a process developed by Western Electric.
  • Orange Network

    Orange Network
    The NBC Pacific Coast "Orange network" debuts
  • Talking Theartical Newsreels

    Talking Theartical Newsreels
    "Movie-Tone News" talking theatrical newsreels debut in New York City.
  • First Electric television

    First Electric television
    Philo Farnsworth transmits the first "electric television" picture (about as big as a postage stamp) in San Fransisco.
  • CBS Radio Broadcasting

    CBS Radio Broadcasting
    CBS - the "Columbia Broadcasting System" begins radio broadcasting
  • "Mr. Television"

    "Mr. Television"
    First person to be seen on television. Comedian. Became known as "Mr. Television".
  • Billboard

    Billboard magazine publishes its first music chart of performed songs.
  • Sound Recording

    Sound Recording
    The Edison Co. ceases the manufacturing of sound recordings.
  • Don Lee

    Don Lee
    The West Coast "Don Lee" chain of radio stations joins the CBS radio network
  • Binaural

    An experimental "binaural" phonograph system is created by Bell laboratories
  • Swing Music Dance Craze

    Swing Music Dance Craze
    The Duke Ellington recording of "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" starts the swing music dance craze.
  • The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger
    The first episode of "The Lone Ranger" radio series debuts on radio station WXYZ in Detroit.
  • Drive In

    Drive In
    Richard M. Hollingshead opened the first Drive-In Movie Theater in Camden, NJ
  • Singing Telegram

    Singing Telegram
    Western Union introduces the first "singing telegram" service.
  • 3 Strip Technicolor

    3 Strip Technicolor
    The first "3-strip Technicolor" feature-length motion picture -- "Becky Sharp"
  • CBS World News Round-Up

    CBS World News Round-Up
    The CBS radio network debuts the "CBS World News Round-Up"
  • FM

    Regular FM Radio broadcasting begins in New York City.
  • American Broadcasting Network

    American Broadcasting Network
    The American Broadcasting Network officially began
  • Transistor

    Bell Laboratories assembles the world's first transistor
  • AES

    The Audio Engineering Society (The AES) is formed
  • Cable

    The first cable TV systems appear called Community Antenna Television systems
  • First color tv program

    First color tv program
    CBS television broadcast the first color TV program to five cities
  • William Golden

    William Golden
    The "CBS Eye" network logo debuts. Designed by network art director William Golden
  • I Love Lucy

    I Love Lucy
    The first episode of "I Love Lucy" aired on the CBS Television Network
  • RCA

    The First public RCA "compatible-color" TV broadcast was an episode of NBC's "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"
  • First Tv Set

    First Tv Set
    The first color television sets rolled out of the RCA Victor factory in Bloomington, Indiana
  • Transistor Radio

    Transistor Radio
    The First "transistor radio" went on sale in the U.S. named The Regency TR-1
  • Analog Tape

    Analog Tape
    Multitrack analog tape recording starts being used in recording studios.
  • Mouse

    Douglas C. Engelbart demonstrates the first computer mouse (made of wood.)
  • PicturePhone

    A T & T introduces the PicturePhone at the Worlds' Fair, but it doesn't catch on
  • Dolby A

    Dolby A
    The "Dolby-A" professional noise reduction system is used in some recording studios
  • Dolby B

    Dolby B
    The "Dolby-B" noise reduction system is introduced for consumer reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders
  • Microprocessor

    The first Microprocessor (computer on a chip) is introduced by Intel
  • UNIX

    At AT&T Bell Labs, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie begin developing the UNIX "portable" operating system
  • First Record on the Radio

    First Record on the Radio
    Gloria Gaynor records "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- the first disco record on US radio
  • Surround Sound

    Surround Sound
    The first consumer effort in surround sound
  • Arpanet

    The first ARPANET (later Internet) email program called "SNDMSG" short for "Send Message" Created by Ray Tomlinson
  • Micro-computer

    New Mexico calculator company MIPS introduces the first "micro-computer"
  • Pong

    Atari of Santa Clara, CA develops "Pong" -- the first electronic computer arcade game.
  • First Cellphone

    First Cellphone
    Martin Cooper of Motorola conceived the first cellular phone system, and led the 10-year process of bringing it to market.
  • Video Cameras

    Video Cameras
    The first all solid-state video cameras are introduced using Bell Labs "CCD"
  • MTV

    The MTV Music TV Cable Network debuts on the air at Midnight
  • First PC

    First PC
    The first IBM-brand "PC" (for "Personal Computer") is released
  • CD

    The first CD titles are released in the US
  • First Computer Virus

    First Computer Virus
    In November, U.S. computing student Fred Cohen created the very first computer virus -- as a research project.
  • Stereo Sound

    Stereo Sound
    NBC broadcasts the first television programs with stereo sound
  • DAT

    Phillips introduces a digital audio tape recorder (DAT) using a digital casette
  • SoundScan

    The "SoundScan" barcode tracking system of reporting music recording sales begin to bring accurate sales figures to record charts; Country music is now a bigger segment.
  • PC vs. TV

    Personal computers outsell TV sets for the first time in the United States.
  • Junkmail

    Junk Email begins as internet popularity increases.
  • Ebay

    The online auction community eBay starts out as
  • DVD

    The DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) increases capacity of digital storage of audio and video on a CD (Compact Disc) medium; can store on to 4.7 GigaBytes per side

    The Internet Web site "" debuts
  • HDTV

    First regular transmissions of HDTV (High-Definition Television) begin in major cities
  • Mutual Broadcasting Station

    The Mutual Broadcasting System is a victim of consolidation -- absorbed into Westwood
  • CD-R in PC

    Recordable CD-R digital audio disc technology becomes part of personal computer systems.
  • E-books

    Digital electronic books (E-Books) become a small part of the publishing industry, and several competing companies attempt to introduce the standards for them.
  • DVD vs. VHS

    DVD players outsell VHS players for the first time.
  • DVD

    DVD are introduced
  • Ipod

    Apple Computer introduces the iPod
  • Recievers

    The F.C.C. (U.S. Federal Communications Commision) requires all new U.S. television TV sets to include digital receivers
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting

    The F.C.C. approves a digital radio broadcast standard developed by iBiquity Digital Corp
  • Itunes

    Apple introduces Itunes
  • Youtube.

    Youtube discovered by three men in a garage.
  • VHS downfall

    Retailers Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Circuit City announce stopped selling VHS tapes since DVD's are now the medium of choice for most consumers
  • Telegram downfall

    Western Union stopped delivering telegrams
  • Apple Update

    Apple Computer's online music store integrated into its iTunes software and iPod hardware, sold it's one-billionth song on this date, proving that digital music can be accepted by the public when distributed across a network in a virtual form, as opposed to inscribed only in discrete tangible media.
  • Iphone

    First Iphone is introduced
  • Iphone 3G

    Iphone 3G introduced
  • Iphone 3GS

    The Iphone 3GS is introduced
  • Iphone 4

    Iphone 4 introduced. "This changes everything...again"
  • Justin Bieber

    He charted 15 hit songs from 2009-2011. He became the Teen Sensation.
  • Iphone 5

    Iphone 5 expected introduction