Music Tech Timeline

  • MBS

    The Mutual Broadcasting System begins its company
  • Becky Sharp

    The first 3 strip technicolor movie was made.
  • Magnetic Tape Recorder

    AEG/Telefunken exhibits the first magnetic tape recorder in Germany.
  • Billboard Magazine

    Publishes first top charts for most selling records
  • Don Lee

    His west coast chain of radio stations join the mutual network to get a coast to coast reach.
  • NBC and Arturo Tuscanini

    The NBC Symphony Orchestra's broadcast begins for a 17 year run under his direction.
  • CBS World News Round-Up

    CBS radio network debut this "bit" with news anchor Robert Trout.
  • The Invention of the jingle

    the first jingle ever to be written was the "Pespi-Cola hits the spot".
  • Electric TV

    Electronic television demonstrated at the Chicago Worlds Fair by RCA / NBC
  • Regular FM Radio

    begins broadcasting in New York
  • NTSC Standard

    525 interlaced horizontal scan lines for all U.S. commercial television broadcasts and just under 30 frames per second consisting of two interlaced fields.