• world war 1 (-6)

    The first war acccord July 28,1914 till November 11,1918.
  • World war 2(-5)

    Also the sencond war happened 1939 till 1945
  • grandma died(-2)

    My grandma died
  • When mom was born (-3)

    mom was born on july 27,1986
  • dad was born (-2)

    Dad was born on August 27,1987
  • marrage(-1)

    grandme got married
  • my birthday(0)

  • The President(1)

    Obama became prestident November 4,2008
  • hes gone but not forgotin(2)

    my uncle died and hes not forgotin
  • hes born(3)

    My cousin Kylan was born
  • its another baby(4)

    His brother was bron in August 3,2011 now hes born on Jan 22,2013
  • mrs and mr artis(5)

    My uncle Jack got married
  • Who country he president for(6)

    Obama is the 44th and current president for the United States