Murder on the orient express

  • The inspector gets on the first train

    He boards the first train and he hears a conversation between Mrs.Debenham and Colonel Arbuthnot. Hearing some details of a plan.
  • Boarding the orient express

    The inspector gets on the orient express with the help of his freind M. Bouc onto the 2nd class carriage since for some reason all of the first class carriages are full.
  • Murder

    A man was murdered on the orient express his name was Ratchett. Real name casetti. No motive was known at that moment.
  • Questioning

    The inspector questions all the passengers about the crime at hand.During the time of the murder they were caught in a snowstorm.
  • Review

    The inspector reviews all of his evidence leads and information gained by questioning the passengers and searching the crime scene.
  • Guessing

    The inspector takes a guess at the real identitys of the passengers and he reveals that the entire train is involved in the case.
  • Crime deduction

    The inspector goes all out in deducting the crime and figures out the case with vigor and comes up with 2 solutions to it.
  • Murder solved

    The inspector reveals to the passengers all of his evidence clues and his deductions then he tells them who the murderer is.