MTHS Civil Rights Timeline by Schuhmeier E

  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    In the 1950s, segregation was very much at bay. Whites sat in the front while blacks sat in the back. But one woman was about to change that. Rosa Parks refused to up her seat to a white man, she was an old woman and was not going to stand for no man. This protest required her to get put off and sent to jail. In the end this was the start to the bus boycott which blacks decided they would not ride buses anymore. Because of this protest 11months later they required that Blacks and Whites be equal
  • Emmitt Till

    Emmitt  Till
    Emmitt Till a young boy from Chicago traveled with his cousin to Muddy Mississippi. What the boys thought would be a fun exciting trip turned out to be a trip that would cost Emmitt his life. Just saying Baby to a cacausion woman cost him his life. On August 21, at the age of 14 Emmitt Till was killed by the Caucasion womans husband.
  • Little Rock

    Little Rock
    In the big captiol of Little Rock, James Cleveland said in a press conference that he would not allow segregation in the school. But despite these words 9 black students made up in there mind that they would go to school despite the racism and riots that would await them there.
  • Sit ins

    Sit ins
    In segregated Tennesee 4 black students walk into a coffee shop and order coffee but were turned down. The next day more came and more kept coming until they in three months said that blacks can eat with whites co-ed together.
  • Freedom Rides

    Freedom Rides
    The freedom Rides in the 1960s, which consisted of Sherrod and SNCC, were movements made on bus trips throughout areas succh as New Orleans, Lousianna and Washington D.C. This movement consisted of sitting in buses and areas until they got the rights they were demanding.
  • Albany Movement

    Albany Movement
    The Albany Movement was a movement based soley upon making whites give them their righs. African Americans would purposel fill up jails to make sure they got their rights they were demanding.
  • Martin Luther King Jr Letter from Birmingham Jail

    Martin Luther King Jr Letter from Birmingham Jail
    After many failed movements, MLK Jr. decided to protest in the most racist town ever, Birmingham. Martin Luther King used young kids and youth to protest in which getting them thrown in jail as planned. Them being thrown in jail along with Dr. King, this letter consisted of giving rights to blacks in disegregating schools and places everywhere.
  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom Summer
    Hundreds and Thousands of blacks came to Ohio College to study and learn how to vote. White people taught them how to vote and educated them for only $22.
  • The Civil Rights Act

    The Civil Rights Act
    This act was a ban that banned discrimination in employment and in public places.
  • Assinssination of MLK Jr.

    Assinssination of MLK Jr.
    Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist that fought for African American rights peacfully. He used words, marches and his time to show that he really cared for the nation. On April 3, James Ray killed him on the balcony of his hotel.