Ms. Long's Life

Timeline created by kaitlyn.long
  • Birth

    I was born on January 17th, 1996 to David and Carla Long. I have a brother named Landon.
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    Elementary School

    I attended Robbinsville Elementary School
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    Middle School

    I attended Robbinsville Middle School.
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    High School

    I attended Robbinsville High School
  • My niece is Born!

    My niece is Born!
    Lola Jeane was born!
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated from Robbinsville High School
  • Europe Trip!

    Europe Trip!
    After graduating high school, I went to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for the summer.
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    Western Carolina University

    I attended Western Carolina University. I majored in Elementary Education with minors in History and Political Science
  • Graduating College

    Graduating College
    I graduated Western Carolina University with a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Started Teaching

    I started teaching third grade at Cherokee Elementary School
  • Graduate School

    Graduate School
    I started graduate school at Western Carolina University