Ms. Blakely's Life So Far

  • Welcome to Ms. Blakely!

    Welcome to Ms. Blakely!
    This is the day that Ms. Danielle Marie Blakely was born! New Years Eve is a great day to have a birthday!
  • New Baby Brother!

    New Baby Brother!
    On this special day, Ms. Blakely's brother: Joseph Junior was born. She was so excited to have a new sibling, but really didn't understand that he was going to be living with her family for the rest of their lives.
  • Fifth Grade Promotion from Coleman School

    Fifth Grade Promotion from Coleman School
    After Seven years of being a Coleman Eagle, Ms. Blakely was about to become a Middle School Alligator. Farewell playground, hello textbooks.
  • Graduation From Eighth Grade

    Graduation From Eighth Grade
    Three years as an Alligator and now its time to move onto to High School. Thank goodness Ms. Blakely was part of the movement to change our mascot to the Panthers like the High School, the students in the grades after her were thankful.
  • Graduation from Glen Rock High School

    Graduation from Glen Rock High School
    Four years of fun High School times came and gone. Ms. Blakely graduated and headed to North Carolina for College, see you later New Jersey!
  • Graduation from Elon University

    Graduation from Elon University
    Four years of college finally came to an end. The first two years as a business major nearly traumatized Ms. Blakely. Luckily, she realized her calling and changed her major to Elementary Education.
  • Started Working at TECCS JC

    Started Working at TECCS JC
    Ms. Blakely joined the TECCS Crew as an Assistant Teacher in the First Grade with Ms. Rivera.
  • Basic Skills Program at TECCS

    Basic Skills Program at TECCS
    Ms. Blakely was asked to become the Basic Skills Teacher at TECCS JC.
  • *Graduation from Caldwell College*

    *Graduation from Caldwell College*
    This is just an estimated graduation date for Ms. Blakely from Caldwell College. She will be graduating with her Masters in Special Education and her Learning Disabled Teacher Consultant Certification.