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Monroe Doctrine directly invoked in Foregin Policy

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  • Monroe Doctrine is set out

    Monroe Doctrine is set out
    This is the first invocation of the Monroe Doctrine. It was invoked in response to the short-term possibility of the revival of the Spanish Empire in North America.
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    Invocation of the Monroe Doctrine

  • President James K Polk Invokes the Monroe Doctrine

    President James K Polk Invokes the Monroe Doctrine
    President James K Polk invoked the Monroe Doctrine after it had been out of the American political mind for over twenty years. He argued that America should strictly enforce the Monroe Doctrine, while trying to expand to the West. Polk envisionsed the annexation of California, and full control of Oregon Territory
  • Some Americans Invoke Monroe Doctrine Against Spain

    Some Americans Invoke Monroe Doctrine Against Spain
    In 1852, some American politicians invoked the Monroe Doctrine as an argument against Spain being in Cuba.
  • Mexico Violates "The Doctrine"

    Mexico Violates "The Doctrine"
    On April 10, 1864, Maximillian I was crowned emporer of Mexico. He was eventually taken down the Mexican Revolutionary Benito Juarez. In the meantime, the United States believed this was a violation of "the Doctrine." This was the first time the Monroe Doctrine was referred to as "the Doctrine."
  • Grant Invokes Monroe Doctrine

    Grant Invokes Monroe Doctrine
    President Ulysses S Grant invokes the Monroe Doctrine in his 1870 State of the Union Address saying that the United States should not tolerate the transferring of a North American colony from one European country to another.
  • Olney Interpretation

    Olney Interpretation
    Secretary of State Richard Olney argued that the Monroe Doctrine directly gave the United States power to mediate border disuptes in the Western Hemisphere. This was originally meant to deal with a border disupte between British Guiana and Venezuela.
  • The Drago Doctrine

    The Drago Doctrine
    The Foreign Minister of Argentina Luis Maria Drago interpreted the Monroe Doctrine that no European power could use force to collect debt from any country in America.