Money history

  • 2500 BCE

    Ancient Egyptians

    Ancient Egyptians were makeing metal rings wich some historians think they used as money
  • 1100 BCE


    In china, rather than exchanging objects like tools and weapons, a system of using miniature replicas of the objects to be trated were used instead of the objects themselves
  • Period: 700 BCE to 600 BCE

    First coins

    In Lydia (now western Turkey) between 700 and 600 BC the first coins, as we would recognise, were made.
  • Europeans

    By 1600 AD Europeans were using more and more metal coins, made with the metal taken from their colonies overseas.
  • Canadians

    In 1685 Canadian colonies began to use paper money too and this inovation led to a huge increase in the international trade.
  • Pirates

    If in the 1700s a pirate walked into your shop he might try to pay in pieces of eight.
  • Bit

    Bit was an English term for a small coin and was still used untill very recently. For example, the threepenny was only scrapped in 1971.
  • Nowadays

    In the modern world many people use plastic cards called debit cards to pay for things.
    People also use money they don´t even have yet by paying with credit cards. They then pay money back later.