Module 1

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  • American School of Deaf

    American School of Deaf
    In 1817 Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet founded, the American School for the Deaf. It is one of oldest schools in America for deaf children. Gallaudet traveled to Europe to find teacher who were more advanced in teaching the death. Laurent Clerc was the first teacher for the school.
  • Council for Exceptional Children

    Council for Exceptional Children
    Founded in 1922 by Elizabeth Farrell. This council was set to inform the administration of schools, parents and teachers about the education of individuals with disabilities. This council helped the education of disabled children improve in areas needed. There are also many policies put in place to make sure that professional standards are being put into place.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    This was a Supreme Court case which was ruled unconstitutional for racial segregation within the public school system. In the ruling of this case affecting changes were made in national and social policy.This case is what opened the foundation for protection of rights for students with disabilities.
  • The Free Appropriate Public Education

    The Free Appropriate Public Education
    The Free Appropriate Public Education is a special education, which is provided to individuals by the public's expense. The abbreviation is FAPE.FAPE is guaranteed for individuals with disabilities education act (IDEA). This is regardless of the child's disability everyone should be treated equally.
  • Section 504

    Section 504
    A civil right act made to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. Made for students both students in regular public elementary schools and secondary schools. This act was made to prevent discrimination and ensure all students must receive the same equal opportunities and be placed in the same learning environments as other students.
  • The Education of All Handicapped Children Act

    The Education of All Handicapped Children Act
    Signed law by President Gerald Ford as an amendment for the Education of All Handicapped Act of 1974.This act is in charge of receiving federal funds to providing equal access to education for children with disabilities. This act also ensures that every disabled child is placed in a less restrictive learning environment.
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a federal law that ensures that every student with any disability will receive a Free Appropriate Public Education. This also helps ensure all students meet the requirements necessary to succeed in their education. IDEA gives all students the same equal education and makes sure all students are treated the same and put into classrooms with other students who don't have disabilities.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

    Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    This act was signed by George W. Bush. The ADA provides civil rights protection for individuals with special needs. This includes giving helping these individuals in their public life with communication and transportation. Also giving them equal rights in job opportunities, services, etc.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    This is a federal law which provides assistance to children who need money for more education that could help improve their progress at school. This also gives parents the opportunity to have their voices heard when it comes to their kids education.
  • The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) * revised *

    The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) * revised *
    This revision was made from the original IDEA act of 1990. It was made to grow standards for special education. This helped make policies that would prevent any student with disabilities to be discriminated and also increased their funds. These polices were made for plans like IEP and zero reject/free appropriate education.