Treasure island

MK, Treasure Island, Robert Stevenson, Fiction, 340 pages

  • Pages 0-25

    The book introduced the main characters, Bill, Jim, and Dr. Livesey. Everybody lives on a ship, and the captain is Bill, Jim's father. One day, sooner on in the book, a stranger comes to visit them and end up stabbing the captain. FICTION: 93-136 (43)
  • 25-58

    The captain talks to his son and tells him to keep gettig him rum, eventhough he is sick. All of the members on the ship sail north and continue on with their journey. The man who stabbed the captain left at the last stop. FICTION: Pages 25-58 total (33)
  • 58-93

    The shipmates stop at a small dock that lays infront of a very small town. They meet face to face with a few emnies that arrived there before them. Their enmies eventually forced them out, by using threts. The captain was not pleased and decided that the place wasn't worth it anyways. FICTION Pages 58-93 total (43)