Mk-Exposed-Kimberly Marcus-Fiction-255 Pages

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    The book introduced me to the narrator, Lizzie, and her best friend, Kate. They are both photographers and are in college together. They have slumber parties here and there, and take some meaningful shots together. total (37)
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    Lizzie has dinner with her boyfriend, Brian, and shes having problems with her best friend. Kate is avoiding Lizzie, and has been that entire week. Eventually, Lizzie discovers that Kate did something with Lizzies brother, on the night that they had a sleepover. This is the reason Kate hasn't been talking to Liz. total (35)
  • 72-136

    Lizzie's brother goes to jail because Kate pressed charges against him. Kate says that he raped her, but signs say she is lying. Lizzies brother just tells her that all they did was have sex. (64)