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Miles To Go

By Torri
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    Miley's Life

  • Miley Was Born

    Miley Was Born
  • Cheerleading

    Miley Started cheerleading because her mom wanted her to try out for something, Even though she was shy and did not want to do it, she ended up really liking it and she never missed it for anything.
  • Big Fish

    Big Fish
    Miley excepted and she played the part of a little girl named Ruthie
  • Bulling

    Miley was ALWAYS bullied during school in the 6th grade, the group of girls that would bully her would lock her in bathrooms and pick on her in every way possible. This group was called the anti-Miley group.
  • Started 6th grade

    Started 6th grade
    Miley started 6th grade in a school in Nashville Tennesse.
  • Auditions

    Miley ended up trying out for the Hannah Montana part alot of times, she would keep going from Tennesse and then back to LA and back and forth many of time and she Finally got the part about half way through the school year and so then she did not have to worry about being bullied any longer.
  • Dad got the part

    Dad got the part
    Robbie Ray got the part as Hannah Montana's dad in the show.
  • White House

    White House
    Miley was able to perform at the White House after the President gave a speech.
  • Banquet Commercial

    Banquet Commercial
    Miley was in a Banquet Commercial
  • 1st Album

    1st Album
    The First Hannah Montana album came out. Miley was working on having a 2nd disc and she was going to have one disk as Hannah Montana and then the other disk was going to be the Miley CD it was going to be all songs that Miley wrote.
  • 1st concert

    1st concert
    Miley had her first concert as an opening act for the cheetah girls.
  • Begining of the tour

    Begining of the tour
    Miley began her Best Of Both Worlds tour in october and she was going to do some as Hannah and then some as Miley, with songs that she wrote and sang.
  • Pappy

    Miley's Pappy (grand dad) past away of lung cancer
  • Ending of the Best of Both Worlds Tour

    Ending of the Best of Both Worlds Tour
    This was the end of her 1st tour and she split the tour as Hannah and Miley:)
  • I Miss You

    I Miss You
    Miley wrote this song by herself in memory of her pappy.
  • Ready set don't go

    Ready set don't go
    Robbie Ray wrote this song and wrote it for Miley because he did not want her to grow up. They sang this song together.
  • 1st Season

    1st Season
    The 1st season of Hannah Montana Aired
  • Sweet 16th Birthday

    Sweet 16th Birthday
    Miley got to celebrate her 16th birthday at Disney Land, she had the whole park reserved to herself,
  • 2nd season

    2nd season
    the 2nd season:)
  • The Climb

    The Climb
    Miley Wrote and had the song The Climb published and she used it in the Hannah Montana Movie.
  • Feeling sick

    Miley was feeling really sick at a concert and she was even throwing up but she ended up pushing through the performance, even if that meant running off stage in the middle of a song. After the concert she went to the doctors and she found out that she had a whole in her heart which was called..Trachycardia (the heart rate speeds up and the body can't keep up)
  • The Hannah Montana Movie

    The Hannah Montana Movie
    She filmed the movie Hannah Montana that had to do with her trying to get away from being Hannah Montana so much. Her dad was trying to get her to come home and be herself and let go of Hannah Montana for awhile, and it turns out that she had a blast and fell in love, she also loved shooting this movie because it was in her hometown for the shooting.
  • Butterfly fly away

    Butterfly fly away
    Miley wrote this song and she sang it with her dad, but it was also used in the Hannah Montana movie.
  • Moving

    The whole family moved from Tennesse all the way to LA because Miley got the part as Hannah Montana and it would be way easier for them to live near the studio instead of way out of state.
  • Season 3

    Season 3
    The 3rd Season of Hannah Montana
  • 1st Episode of Doc

    1st Episode of Doc
    Miley got to perform on the show Doc with her dad
  • The Last Song

    The Last Song
    Miley had the opportuinity to film the movie the Last Song on Tybee Island. she had a lot of fun and she talked about how beautiful the island was and that she wanted to go back.
  • 4th Season

    4th Season
    The 4th Season Airs:)