Migration to Britain

  • 1070

    Jewish communities arrive in England after William the Conqueror becomes King

  • 1189

    Jewish people in London are massacred

  • 1190

    Jewish people are massacred in York

  • 1220

    Lombard (northern Italian) bankers & Hansa (German) merchants begin to arrive in England

  • 1250

    Henry III imposes heavy taxes on the Jews

  • 1255

    Jewish people in Lincoln are accused of torturing a young boy for his blood (The Blood Libel))

  • 1275

    Edward I imposes the Statute of Jewry, which means they can no longer charge interest and have to wear yellow badges to identify themselves

  • 1290

    The Jews are expelled from England by Edward I

  • 1303

    Royal Charter is issued by Edward I, allowing foreign merchants to trade

  • 1350

    Flemish and Dutch weavers help transform England's economy from primary to a secondary

  • 1435

    Gervase le Vulre becomes Henry VI's French Secretary

  • 1443

    Nicolas Jone, a foreign merchant, is granted the Office of Exchanges and Securities for Ships Coming to England

  • 1471

    Luket Nantron, a French clerk for John Falstaff, an English noble, dies

  • 1475

    Steelyard is purchased for the Hanseatic League

  • 1511

    John Blanke is represented in the Westminster Tournament Roll

  • Apr 30, 1517

    'Evil May Day' Riots - immigrants are killed by a mob in London

  • Oct 31, 1517

    Martin Luther begins the Protestant Reformation

  • 1526

    Transatlantic Slave Trade begins

  • 1530

    Henry VIII orders all Gypsies to be kicked out of England

  • 1554

    Queen Mary makes it a crime to be a Gypsy

  • 1560

    Walloon (Belgian) Protestants flee Catholic persecution to England

  • 1572

    Huguenot (French) Protestants flee persecution to England

  • East India Trading Company is formed

  • Approximately 60 Africans have been baptised in England

  • Oliver Cromwell allows some Sephardi (Spanish) Jews to migrate to Britain

  • British merchant ships begin to use Lascars in large numbers

  • A larger wave of Huguenot (French) Protestants flee persecution to England

  • Palatine (German) Protestants flee persecution to England

  • East India Trading company takes over all of India

  • Industrial Revolution begins

  • Due to the slave trade, there is a rise in the Black population within England

  • Due to Britain's colonisation of India, there is a rise in the Indian population in England

  • Britain abolishes slavery (only within Britain)

  • A huge wave of Irish migrants arrive in England, due to the Potato Famine

  • A wave of Italian migration begins

  • A wave of Jewish migration (mainly from Eastern Europe) begins

  • A wave of German migration begins

  • Aliens Act is passed into law

  • Status of Aliens Act

  • World War I begins

  • Approximately 200,000 Belgians are accepted into England as refugees of war and are housed at Alexandra Palace

  • Alien Registration (Amendment) Act

  • Coloured Alien Seamen Order

  • British Union of Fascists formed by Oswald Mosley

  • Battle of Cable Street takes place in East London

  • WWII begins - Italian and German migrants are interned throughout the war

  • The Commonwealth is formed, replacing the British Empire

  • European Coal and Steel Community is formed

  • Kelso Cochrane is murdered in Notting Hill

  • A wave of Indian, Pakistani, Cypriot and Caribbean migrants from the Commonwealth begin to arrive in England

  • Commonwealth Immigrants Act is passed

  • Bristol Bus Boycott

  • Commonwealth Immigrants Act is passed

  • Grunwick Strike

  • The Anti-Nazi League is formed

  • The Schengen Agreement is signed

  • The Anti-Racist Alliance is formed

  • Britain votes to leave the EU