Midterm Review Timeline Marissa Farago F Period

By farago4
  • The Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment
    An age like Roman times when people became interested in science and reformed society using reason and logic. "The age of reason".
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    The shift, in the begining in England, during the 18th century (1700's), from making goods by hand to making them by machine.
  • Formation of the National Assembly -French Revolution

    Formation of the National Assembly -French Revolution
    The goal of the National Assembly was to pass laws and reforms in the name of the French people. They were a group of people from the 3rd estate.
  • Tennis Court Oath -French Revolution

    Tennis Court Oath -French Revolution
    A pledge to keeping meeting until created a new constitution for France was made by the name of the 3rd Estate.
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The Haitian Revolution was basically, a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which resulted in the abolishment of slavery there . Haiti was founded due to this revolution and Toussaint L’Ouverture was the peron who led it
  • Reign of Terror -French Revolution

    Reign of Terror -French Revolution
    A time where Maximilien Robespirre ruled and thousands of people were killed (executed).
  • Peninsular War -French Revolution

    Peninsular War -French Revolution
    When Portugal refused to comply with Napoleons continental system. The war took place in the Iberian Penninsula.
  • Congress of Vienna -French Revolution

    Congress of Vienna -French Revolution
    one of the most important conferences in European history, called to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon.
  • Opium War -Imperialism

    Opium War -Imperialism
    A conflict between Britain and China, lasting from 1839- 1842 over Britains opium trade in China.
  • Signing of the Treaty of Nanjing -Imperialism

    Signing of the Treaty of Nanjing  -Imperialism
    A treaty made to mark the end of the first Opium war between Uk of Britain, Ireland and Quing Dynasty of China
  • Matthew Perry goes to Japan -Imperialism

    Matthew Perry goes to Japan -Imperialism
    He demanded that ports be opened to Americans, that prisoner be treated well and given back. -1854- He came back with seven ships and told them about the Chineese successions with trade. They then agreed to sign the treaty.
  • The signing of the Treaty of Kangawa -Imperialism

    The signing of the Treaty of Kangawa -Imperialism
    An 1854 agreement between the USA and Japan to open up a trade port in Japan.
  • Meiji Era -Imperialism

    Meiji Era -Imperialism
    The period of Japan history during which the country was ruled by Emeror Mutshito.
  • The Berlin Conference -Imperialism

    The Berlin Conference -Imperialism
    A meeting of which representative of European nation agreed upon rules for the European colonization of Africa.
  • Boxer Rebellion -Imperialism

    Boxer Rebellion -Imperialism
    a 1900 rebellion in China, aimed at ending foreign influence in the country. The people who participated in the rebellion were Chineese peasents known as the "Boxers".