Michelles timeline

  • Sir william johnson

    Sir william johnson
    william johnson invited the indians to his house to ask if they wanted to go on there side.
  • Jenkins ear

    Jenkins ear
    the indians wanted revenge so they cut off jenkins ear
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    washington surrended fort necessity.first battle fought british lost to french.
  • Lake George

                             Lake George
    johnson and hendrick triumph at lake george
  • battle of Quebec

    battle of Quebec
    the English won the battle og Quebec. Wolfe and Montcalm are kill
  • Fort william henery

    Fort william henery
    french won defeated british and won land.
  • Louisbourg

    june/july general jeffrey amherstb captures louisbourg
  • Fort Niagara

    Fort Niagara
    british took control then W.Johnson to speak and then for 13 years ruled
  • Montreal French surrender

    Montreal French surrender
    was the sole remaining French power center in Canada
  • the treaty of paris

    the treaty of paris
    tready of paris ends french and indian war