Michelle's timeline

  • New Years Eve

    Popped fireworks for probably the final time.
  • Period: to


  • Birthday

    I turned 21 and partied with friends.
  • Valentine's Day

    A day dedicated to LOVE.
  • Girl's Day

    Brought a strawberry shortcake to school, just for the girls in the class.
  • Children's Day

    We call it children's day because we won't call it Boy's Day!
  • Summer Study

    I started my first day of summer school. The introduction to the following school year.
  • Waikiki cruising

    I got a Jaguar Tattoo at the International market place with friends. I couldn't move my neck, for fear of ruining the design on my neck.
  • End of Summer study

    Last day of studying during the summer.
  • Movies

    I watched The Green Lantern with friends at ____ theaters.
  • Fourth of July

    Unable to pop fireworks because of the new law. Boo!
    Me and my friends go shopping instead!
  • Frosh sleepover

    sleeping over my new high school. Getting to know new people. Wooo!
  • 9th grade

    First day of high school. It's going to be different at a new school without my friends.
  • Hollows Eve

  • Christmas