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Michael Jordan

  • born

    michael jeffery jordan was born
  • career

    got drafted to the NBA
  • Plays for The Chicago Bulls

    Plays for The Chicago Bulls
    starts to play for Chicago Red Bulls
  • father dies

    Micheal jordans dad dies and that was on of the reasons of Jordans retirement
  • Jordan retires

    MIcheal loses the intrest in playing basketball and retires on October 6, 1993
  • during retirement

    Michael Jordan was assigned to the team's minor league system on March 31, 1994
  • foundation

    In 1994 Michael Jordan founded the James R. Jordan Boys and Girls Club and Family Life Center, named after his father.
  • Jordan returns

    On March 18, 1995, Jordan announced his return to the NBA through a 2-word press release: "I'm back.
  • retires for the second time

    Jordan retired for the second time on January 13, 1999.
  • Hanes commercial

    Hanes commercial
    the 2000s, an ad campaign began for their Hanes "Go Tagless" T-shirt, with michael jordan
  • later on life

    later on life
    On June 15, 2006, Jordan bought a minority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats