Michael Jordan

  • Born

    Michael is born in Brooklyn, New York.
  • JFK dies

    John F. Kennedy was assinated.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. dies

    Martin Luther king Jr. is assinated.
  • Cut from team

    Jordan was cut from the varsity team. He was only 5' 11".
  • All american

    He was the Mocdonalds All- American.
  • UNC

    Commits to UNC as a collage.
  • National title

    Lead UNC to the National title his sophmore year.
  • NBA Draft

    He was drafted to the Chicago Bulls.
  • Rookie

    He was a rookie but he played as a star.
  • Dunk Contest

    Jordan won his first dunk contest.
  • Champion

    He won his frist chapmionship.
  • First Retirment

    He retired for the first time but would later return.
  • Returns

    Jordan comes back to play fro the Bulls.
  • 9-11

    The World Trade center was desrtyed by a terrorist attck.
  • Bobcats

    Jordan buys the Charlote Bobcats.
  • Osama Binladen dies

    Osama Binladen is killed by Seal Team Six.