Michael Jordan

  • Born

    Michael Jeffrey Jordan Born
  • Play Grand

    Play Grand
    He began to play basketball
    when his father built a play grand for him to his house
  • New equipment

    New equipment
    He began to play "adranced basket".
    when he enter in the north carolina universitie´s team
  • Professional Basket

    Professional Basket
    He began to play professional basket
    He wons the gold medal in the olimpic games of los angeles
  • The Bulls

    The Bulls
    He is chosen by the chicago bulls
    He enter in august
  • All-star

    He won the MVP all-star Award
    Before he won the wir
  • Espy Award

    Espy Award
    We wons the espy award
    Before we won it twice
  • First Title

    First Title
    He wons his first title wiht chicago
    He woes smore titles wiht the same team
  • Olimpic Games

    Olimpic Games
    He cames again to olimpic games in barcelona
    But like a member of the professional team
  • The Murderer

    The Murderer
    He abundonument the proffessional basket
    For the murderer at his father
  • Returns NBA

    Returns NBA
    Hr returns to NBA
    And he again is the stortof chicago
  • MVP

    He is chosenlike the best MVP in the season
    Before he won it 3 times
  • Best Players

    Best Players
    He enter in the so best players in the NBA
  • His Retreat

    His Retreat
    He began to anunciate his retreat
  • Retire Play Proffessional Basket

    Retire Play Proffessional Basket
    He decide to retire play professional basket