Michael Jordan

  • Micheal Jordan born

    Micheal Jeffery Jordan was born on Febuary17,1963
  • Micheal Jordan loves baseball

    Michael's first sport that he fell in love with was baseball
  • Michael moves

    Michael Jordan's parents moved to Willington, North Carolina from Brooklyn
  • Michael's cut

    Michael was cut from the Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington
  • Michael's College Basketball

    MIichael Jordan went to the North Carolina Tar Heels in college to play basketball.
  • michaels first happiest moment in college

    Michael Jordan helped the Tar Heels win their first championship
  • MJ Award year

    Michael Jordan gets the ACC player of the year, Naismith Player of the year, Oscar Robertson Award, Adolph Rupp award, and th John R. Wodden.
  • michael in the nba

    Michael Jordan gets drafted in the NBA 1st round 3rd overall pick.
  • All-Star player

    Michael Jordan was voted and picked to be an All-Star player for 8 yaers straight.
  • Rookie of the year

    Michael Jordan was named "Rookie of the year" in the NBA.
  • Michael hurt

    Michael Jordan breaks his foot and doen't return until the next season.
  • Air Jordan Sneakers

    Michael Jordan gets his own sneakers named after his nickname.
  • Air Jordan

    Michael Jordan was nicknamed "Air Jordan"
  • MJ MVP

    Michael Jordan earns his 1st MVP award.
  • MJ's married

    Mochael married Juanita Vanoy and had 2 sons
  • Movin on up

    Michael Jordan leads Bulls to 3 consecutive championships
  • MJ in TV commercial

    Michael Jordan was in commercials since 1991.
  • MJ MVP back-to-back

    Michael Jordan gets back-toback MVP awards and changed his number to 45.
  • Jordan's dad murdered

    MJ's dad James R. Jordan Sr. wsa murdered in a robbery.
  • MJ's 1st retirement.

    On October 6,1993, Michael Jordan announced his first retirement.
  • MJ in baseball

    MJ sign in with the Chicago White Sox for 1 year.
  • MJ's back

    Michael comes out of retirement and goes back to the Chicago Bulls.
  • MJ still cries

    MJ wins the championship after the murder of his father.
  • Joining the Legends

    Michael Jordan was named one of the 50 greatest basketball players ever.
  • MJ retires again

    Michael Jordan announces his 2nd retirement.
  • MJ back AGAIN?

    Michael Jordan comes back again but signs in with the Washington Wizards.
  • 40 and still got game

    MJ became the first 40-year player to score 43 points in a game.
  • MJ plays golf

    Michael Jordan plays golf after retirement for good

    MJ and his wife announces a divorce
  • Christmas Wife

    Michael Jordan proposes his wife in Christmas.