• the battle of gonzales

    near the cannon a flag was raised "come an take it".On mach 2nd moore and all his men fired a tiny but loud cannon.Castanedals ordered his men to retreat to san antonio.
  • The consultation 1835 begins

    Meeting began on nov.4th,1835.The settlers who belonged to the war party urged the delegates to declare independence from mexico.Those who are part of the peace party wanted to remain loyal to mexico but fight santa anna in the support of constitution of 1824.
  • battle of san antonio

    Meanwhile,the siege of san antonio dragged on,and the texan army began to drift away.Many of the mn were farmers or ranchers who had work to do at home.sINCE No fighting was taking place they returned home their work and families.
  • start of the seige of the alamo

    In december 1835 many texans thought that the centralist threat to texas had ended.After the battle o san antonio,edward burleson turned over to the forces to francis johnson.When johnson left to take part in the planed expedition to matamoros,commanded past colonel james cliton neil.
  • constitution convention begans

    March 1 1836,to make a desion about texas independence
  • decleration is sighned

    The decleration of independence got signed.Many people signed it.
  • The battle of the alamo

    why did santa anna atack the alamo?such a small garrison was little threatto santa anna.historians argue that santa anna attacked the alamo for political,not military,reasons.
  • run away scrape march 11-april 21

    the families living in gonzales area panicked when they learn santa anna's advance in houstan's retreat.certain that santa anna intended to kill all anglo americans in texas,many settlers abanded their homes and fled.when word of the masacers at the alamo and at goliad reached anglo settlers,they gathered up there belongings and went east as quicky as they could.