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    Melbourne history; Key events

    History of Melbourne; Key events
  • Melbourne Founded

  • First Landing of Settlers In Melbourne

  • Settlers Establish Their Own Defacto Gouvernment

  • Captain William Lonsdale arrives to act as police magistrate and commander of the settlement.

  • Governor Bourke names the streets

    He names the streets after his wife Elizabeth, the Royal Family, earlyexplorers and other eminent people of the era.
  • Governor Bourke names the new settlement

    Governor Bourke names the new settlement, after Viscount Melbourne, the British Prime Minister. This is important because it gave Melbourne an Identity
  • Settlment's first news paper published

    John Pascoe Fawkner wrote and published the settlement's first newspaper, ''The Melbourne Advertiser''. The news paper was handwritten since back then they didn't have printing device in Melbourne but it was still a big step towards progression. It was a new way to communicate media-wise and for people to know the news
  • John Batman Died

    Charles Joseph La Trobe arivved to take the position of Superintendent of Port Phillip District
  • Old Melbourne Goal Established

    (Russel Street) It was a setting for 135 hangings
  • Melbourne Declared To Be a City

    This is important because Melbourne became more recognised and acknowledged
  • The Gold Rush Started

    Edward Hargraves discovered a 'grain of gold' in a waterhole near Bathurst. Immigrants from all countries came to Victoria looking for gold.
  • Electricity used to light a football match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

  • Ned Kelly Was Hung

    Edward "Ned" Kelly was hung at the old Melbourne Goal.
  • Building of Flinders Street Station Is Complete

  • The Shrine of Rememberance is colpleted

    This is a significant event because people now had a place to go and remember the people that fought for them. It gave them a place where they can pay there respects, acknowledge and remember
  • Parking Metres Introduced

    This changed how people drive in the streets. It introduced new laws and made the streets more organised.
  • Melbourne's First Television Test Transmition

    People were introduced to a new way of communicating through the media. This was was more convinient as well because television is faster than news paper and its visual and sound. Also showed how technology progresses in Melbourne. People today find television and the best way to communicate medie-wise.
  • Television First Introduced To Melbourne

  • Olympic Games Held In Melbourne

  • Chadstone Opened

    Chadstone Shopping Centre is the lasrgest shopping centre in the Soutthern Himisphere with around 530 stores and over 9500 car parking spaces.
  • Melbourne's 150th Aniversary

  • City Circle Tram Commenced

    This introduced a new way of traveling to people
  • Samsung Introduces the first 3D TV

  • The IPhone 5 comes out in Victoria

  • End Of the World

  • The Atmospheric Tempretures Will Rise by 6 Degrees

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster Will Give Everyone Free Spaghetti

    The theme song of the Church Of the Flying Spaghetti Monster This is a significant event because people who support the Church Of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be able to prove to everyone that they were right. Also poor families or families that can't afford spaghetti will have food. Melbourne will become so famous and get a lot of money for their spaghetti
  • Melbourne's 200th Aniversary

  • New Species of Dinosaurs Discovered in Melbourne

    This is a significant event because dinosaurs have always been one of the biggets mysteries for humans.Scientists are still researching them and if a new type is discovered in Melbourne, it will bacome even more famous and rich. People are going to be paying just to see it and other states and countries will be paying for them to research.
  • Australia's First Eco-Friendly Car

    This is significant because it will be a major change in society.