Media arts

  • Fim and Radio

    Fim and Radio
    In the 1920's film and radsio became more popular. At this time movies were called moving pictures as there was not any sound with it. The most famous actor at the time was Charlie Chaplin.
  • Mathematical Computer

    Mathematical Computer
    Alan Turing created a description of a computer that could solve mathematical equations. He had a dream of creating a Universal Machine that could solve any equation. by writing simple instructions encoded on a paper tape.
  • Television

    In the 1950's television became more popular and widespread in homes. This was considered the Golden Age for television. Something that helped popularize TV was that Broadway plays were beginning to be staged on TV. Then Broadway play writers such as Reggie Rose began to write Broadway plays specifically for television.
  • Internet

    Internet is developed but is only available for the use of Universities. At that time it was called APRANET which stood for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.
  • Computers

    Personal computers became easier to buy and less expensive.
  • Internet

    Internet becomes popular for sharing and distributing content.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    Video games and websites become new material for various artworks.
  • Google

    This was the year travelling got easier. Google created Google maps.
  • Youtube

    This was the year YouTube was invented.
  • Laptop

    Nicholas Negroponte invented the XO laptop.
  • Wii Fit

    Wii Fit
    Wii FIt came out. People no longer had an excuse to not excercise as their was now a way to do it with their tv on and never leaving their house.