media arts

  • film and radio

    film and radio
    In 1920 movie places were capable of seating thousands of people. In major cities movie tickets for a double feature and live show cost 25 cents. People of all ages attended far more often then people do today. Most people were often going more than once a week. At the end of the decade, the weekly attendance raised to 90 million people per week most weeks
  • televisions in households

    televisions in households
    In the 1950s almost 100% of people owned a television. It became most people's favorite piece of furniture. Television becomes the only way most people communicated in American society. television back in 1950 was very very different than what it is now you were only allowed to watch what was put on the television you couldn't just go and download Netflix or Disney plus. They were all limited to only three channels which were ABC, CBS, and NBC. over
  • Instagram

    In October of 2010 Instagram was created. It was originally created because the founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom loved his photography. It first became super popular on April 3, 2012, when it was released to the androids phone and in one day, and had been downloaded over one million times in less than one day. There are roughly around over one billion Instagram users today. Instagram has had a lot of new updates and the newest one has reels, reels are where you can post videos of yourself.