Matthew Henson's Artic Adventure

By avery p
  • The Roosevelt leaves New York City

    The Roosevelt leaves New York City
    Today the Roosevelt left New York City to go to Cape Sheridan.
  • President Roosevelt comes on board

    President Roosevelt comes on board
    At Oyster Bay,New York President Roosevelt came aboard the ship to wish everyone luck.
  • The ship arrives at Cape Sheridan

    On September 5 the Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan and Matt began to train the new men in the art of survival.
  • Ready to Go

    Ready to Go
    During this month everyone was ready to go to the North Pole. Every man took one possession-Matt took his bible.
  • Pioneer the Trail

    Pioneer the Trail
    Bartlett and Borup left to pioneer the trail to make sure everything was okay.
  • Followers

    Matt and Peary followed Bartlett and Borup to the Big Lead.
  • Found Them

    Found Them
    Matt and Peary finally found Bartlett at the Big Lead.
  • Still Waiting

    Still waiting for the Big Lead to freeze, Matt saw a "crimson sphere,just balanced on the brink of the world.''
  • Across the Big Lead

    On a clear and calm day at -45 F,the Big Lead was frozen over and everyone hurried across.
  • Good Luck from Ross Marvin

    Ross Marvin turned to go back. He congradulated Matt for going on then wished him luck.
  • Danger at a Lead

    Danger at a Lead
    Bartlett left as a pioneer again,later Henson and Peary caught up with him at a wide lead. The ice cracked and Bartlett and his teams were stuck on a big ice floe and Bartlett and his Eskimos and his dogs jumped to saftey.
  • Bartlett says Bye

    Bartlett had to go back,he was very disapiponted because he wasn't the one to go to the Pole with Peary. Matt and Peary repaired sledges and rested all day.
  • A Marvelous Sight

    Peary and Henson marched for ten hours. That night Matt saw a marvelous sight,the full moon and the sun in the sky oppisite each other.
  • Saved

    Matt drove across a lead with thin ice and fell through,Ootah saved him and he was very thankful.
  • 35 Miles to Go

    Peary couldn't wait to get to the Pole. Matt calculated 100 miles since
    Bartlett went back. Peary observed that they only had 35 miles to go.
  • The Pole at Last

    The Pole at Last
    Finally the North Pole. Peary made more observations, Peary also took a picture of Matt holding the U.S. Flag.
  • The Way Home

    Now Matt and Peary only had to get back home,it took 17 days to get to Cape Columbia.