Matthew Henson

Timeline created by katiej
  • Inauguration

    The Roosevelt left New York heading to Cape Sheridan.
  • Bully!

    At Oyster, New York , President Theodore Roosevelt came on board to wish Peary luck.
  • Training!

    The Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan, Matt began training the men in dog driving, igloo building,and survival.
  • Expedition Time!

    The expedition was done with training and ready to go to the North Pole. They each brought one possession. Matt's was his Bible.
  • Leaving Cape Columbia

    Bartlett and Borup left Cape Columbia to walk the trails.
  • Leaving the North Pole

    Leaving the North Pole
    Matt, Peary, and the Eskimos headed to the North Pole and waited for Peary's command.
  • The Big Lead

    The Big Lead
    Henson and Peary found Bartlett at the Big Lead, and the Lead was fearful looking and wide.
  • The Big Lead Is Frozen

    Matt wanted to cross the Big Lead because the weather was beautiful and sunny, but they couldn't cross because it was not frozen.
  • Frozen Lead

    It was -45 degrees, and the Big Lead was frozon so the men had to hurry across.
  • Goodbye Ross Marvin

    At 86 degrees 38, Ross Marvin went back to the Roosevelt as planned, and Henson and Marvin shook hands.
  • Ice Scare

    Barttlet set out by himself again, but Henson and Peary caught up to him. Bartlett's iceburg broke off and he, his team, and the dogs started to float away. They jumped across the water to safety.
  • Bartlett Goes Back

    Bartlett went back to the Roosevelt.
  • Repair Day

    Repair Day
    The Eskimos , Matt, and Peary repaired sledges and slept.
  • Head Start

    At midnight, Peary started out on foot by himself. When they caught up to him, he rode on a sledge.
  • Another Ice Scare

    Another Ice Scare
    The Eskimos ,Matt ,and Peary came to a frozen lead. The rest got over but matt fell in Ootah and Peary pulled him out.
  • Top of the World

    At noon Peary checked their latitude, and they were on top of the world.
  • Finally!

    At last Matt, Peary, and four Eskimos reached the North Pole. They held up the flags of the U.S. that Peary's wife had made. The flags were covered with patches because they had cut out and left pieces at various North camps.
  • First Day of Rest

    Matt, four Eskimos ,and Peary went back to Cape Columbia. When they got to the ship, Matt could smell coffie. He went to his cabin and relaxed after his long journey.