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    The almagest

    The almagest
    The almagest is one of Ptolemy's books telling about astronomy. This was public at around 147 to 148 a.d.
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    Ptolemy's workplace

    Ptolemy's workplace
    Ptolemy worked in a library in alexandria from about 127 to 150 a.d. He was known for publishing the Almagest, Tetrabiblos, and Geography.
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    The tetrabiblos is another one of Ptolemy's famous books. This was republished and available in greek in 1535. This was republished in Nuremburg. The month and day may not be exact.
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    Could not find anymore events for ptolemy's life. Some events were found, but a date was not found
  • Ptolemy's birth

    Ptolemy's birth
    Claudius Ptolemaeus was born in the 80's ad. The exact month and day are unknown about Ptolemy
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  • Geography

    The Geography was another one of Ptolemy's main works next to the almagest. This was recorded to have been made in the 2nd century.
  • Ptolemy's death

    Ptolemy's death
    Ptolemy died art around 168 a.d. It was not known whether he went out of alexandria before he died. The exact month and day are also unkown.
  • Ptolemy's first discovery

    Ptolemy's first discovery
    This is the oldest recorded date that tells of Ptolemy's supposedly first discovery.This discovery was made in astronomy. This was around 127 ad