Mastery Journey

By Tsimp
  • Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

    Mostly just holding myself back from succumbing to my OCD. It's been a hard month for my psychologically. This month I have been researching gear and tools I can use for my work.
  • New Media and Communications

    Continue pushing forward and researching what it means to be a master.
  • Writing for Interactive Media

    Push the boundaries of my current knowledge of storytelling to break my mold and leave my comfort zone.
  • Legal Aspects of Media

    Research more into the legal aspects of media and how they will apply to the work I am doing outside of the program, and how they will apply to my work post-post-grad.
  • Research and Investigation Skills Development

    Refresh memory of documentary editing techniques. Begin brainstorming additional ideas for stories in my area.
  • Multimedia Development and Editing

    Begin working on my first documentary short post-graduation. Continue working on portfolio work and Odyssey content.
  • Digital News Production

    Finish editing my first (at least) documentary short post-graduation. Study up on cutting-edge storytelling techniques.
  • Multimedia Reporting

    Have released at least one documentary short, with work began on a second. I hope to be implementing the multi-media reporting learned over the past few courses into my work for Odyssey and portfolio.
  • Social Media and Online Community Engagement

    Finish editing the second documentary and learn more about how to properly leverage social media. Apply this new knowledge to redesign my social media presence and apply it to my work.
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management

    Have released the second documentary and started work on the third. Learn more about branding both in this course and outside of it. Apply new branding knowledge to refine and maintain my brand and reinforce branding in my work.
  • New Media Publishing and Distribution

    Finish editing the third documentary, have learned more about publishing and distribution and applied it to my work outside of the program.
  • New Media Journalism Final Project

    I want to have completed at least 3 documentary shorts alongside all of my articles and work for Odyssey, and alongside any work for this class.