By Lukerox
  • Karl; James's dad

    Karl; James's dad
    James's dad Karl brings him a pen and ink set for his birthday. James doesn't even think how he could ever use his dad's gift.
  • Period: to


  • Marvin meets James

    Marvin meets James
    (about midnight)Marvin goes up to James's room and leaves a rare coin. Marvin then sees the pen and ink set and draws the scene outside the window.
  • The museum

    The museum
    James takes Marvin to an art museum where Karl meets his old college friend. A lady sees Marvin's drawing and thinks he could be the one to forge a copy of Fortitude.
  • Monday after school

    Monday after school
    James, Marvin, and Karl go back to the museum to forge the painting. The two paintings look almost identical.
  • The plan

    The plan
    They set up a plan to have the drawing "stolen" and try to find the other 3 paintings. The real Fortitude wasn't supposed to be used and Marvin's was.
  • James and Marvin see it for the last time... Maybe

    James and Marvin see it for the last time... Maybe
    Marvin and James go back to the museum to see the drawing one more time in case it got lost. Marvin relizes that it was the real Fortitude and tries to tell James but doesn't know just how. He climbs the wall and clings to the painting.
  • The FBI officer

    The FBI officer
    As planned, the FBI officer came and took away the painting. He changed clothes, and set off into the city.
  • Marvin's adventure

    Marvin's adventure
    Marvin, still holding on to the painting is in a briefcase going who knows where.
  • The Truth

    The Truth
    Marvin woke up to see Denny in an apartment room. He had lined the four paintings up next to each other. He got on the phone and to Marvin's amazement, he acted like the loss of the painting was just sheer bad luc k.
  • The adress

    The adress
    Marvin peels off the address on a newspaper and takes it to James. James tracks the address, and gets the four paintings back!