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    Where did Mascara originate from?

    Where did Mascara originate from?
    Mascara is known to be one of the earliest forms of cosmetics. It dates back to as early as 3400 BC. It began with the Egyptians; they made their mascara out of kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey. They put it on using bone and ivory applicators. Their forms of “make-up” back then were eyeliner by using kohl and using mascara to deepen the eye lashes because their eyes were known to be the windows to the soul. The make-up was supposed to conceal their eyes ward off any evil spirits and bad
  • How did mascara begin to develop?

    How did mascara begin to develop?
    Revival of mascara came about around 1830 during the Victorian era. Dressing and making themselves look beautiful was something Victorian women spent hours doing. Most of the time the women made their make-up themselves, though their products were never marketed.
  • Petroleum Jelly

    Petroleum Jelly
    Petroleum Jelly became a prominent ingredient in mascara.
  • Maybelline Cosmetics

    Maybelline Cosmetics
    Eugene Rimmel created the first packaged cosmetic mascara. He was also the founder of Maybelline Cosmetics.
  • New Applicators

    New Applicators
    A cream type of mascara, which had the consistency of a lotion and came in small tubes, was the normal mascara. Until the applicators called wands or brushes were created. It made it easier to apply the make-up without making a mess.
  • Todays Mascara

    Todays Mascara
    Today, liquid mascara is the newest and most commonly used form. Its’ easier and cleaner to apply and allows a range of additions to come into the mix. Some may even come with glitter, dyes, and eyelash ‘extensions.
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