Marlfox Brian Jacues

  • 386 PAGES

    Total 20
    The book takes place at the redwall sanctuary. All the characters area animals and they take on human charactistics.
  • Searching for Dwopple

    The magical and evil marlfoxes appear in peaceful Mossflower wood. They think that the abbey that is without a leader is full of riches but its not. The marlfoxes have a small group of water rats as there infantry. The marlfox Mokkan kidnaps a dibbun (baby animal of redwall) named dwopple in hopes of gaining entrance to the abbey but the redwallers dont know it yet so they are searthing for him.
  • Everyone in Redwall Abbey!

    Janglur a squirel with a daughter named song who can sing so good it brings people to tears has taken refuge in redwall along with others. A powerful warrior named Rusvul Reguba a squirel with a son named Dannflo have also taken refuge in redwall. Both children are skilled fighters dannflo has a family name to live up to and his dad is too hard on him.
  • Gaering Up for Adventure

    The 2 squirel children were on guard duty when the marlfoxs and water rats secrectley opened the gate and came inside. The redwallers are guarded by the friendly spirit of martin the warrior the first protector of redwall. The marlfoxs stole the Redwallers most prozed posesion the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior. So Dannflor and Song feeling that its there fault it got stolen go searching for the tapestry accompanied by there friend Dippler the mole.
  • Defend Redwall

    The marlfoxs castle is in the middle of a huge lake and the marlfox Lantur is using a folk tail to scare her mother into insanity so that she can be queen. Janglur and Rusvul are using longbows to help defend Redwall from the attacks of the marlfoxs. The marlfoxs are trying to find a way into redwall abbey without loosing lots of rats because they dont have an huge army.
  • Rats in the Abbey

    The marlfoxs are persistant to get into Redwall they devise a plan to use a grappling hook then climb that whith a ladder. At first it works and small amounts of rats get into the abbey. Then Bargle the cellarmole uses a rope to send all of the ladders full rats crashing to the ground killing many. The marlfoxs are getting inpatient.
  • A 4th Friend

    The three friends missed the marlfoxs and are traveling downriver. They are stopped on a trail by some muggers but are scared off by a huge Hedge Hog named Goody Brim. Goody Brim explains how he once had a wife and daughter but how the marlfoxs slayed his wife and took his daughter for a slave. He quickly joins the 3 friends on there quest.
  • Saved by a Dream

    The marlfoxes meet some local ferrats and team up. They dont get along to well from the start but it works out. They are going to attsck from the east. Cregga an old badger is visited by Martin and he tells her to have someone look out the east dormitory window because she is blind.
  • Waterfall!

    The 4 friends found a boat and were sailing down the river when they hit a large waterfall. They were seperated for a little while. Song meets an Eagle with a broken wing and fixes it for him the eagles name is Megraw. THey get loost in a large cave system and follow the underwater river. They end up on the other side of a mountain.
  • Learn to Fly

    After a while the 4 friends meet up with the Guasom shrews and start sailing on the great lake in larger numbers. Megraw the eagle learns to fly again. The waters of the great lake is infested with Schools of Pike. The pike eat anything in the lake.
  • Castle Marl

    The friends and the Guasom shrews reach castle marl. They devise a plan to free the slaves, arm them and cause an uprisng. Lantur had poisened her mother and was named queen but when Mokkan arrived he threw her off a cliff and he was named king.
  • End 2

    Megraw stayed at castle marl to feed on the pike in the lake. Goody Brim went back to his house in the woods with Nettlebud and lived happily.
  • End

    The friends and the shrews lead an revolt against the rats. Song is reunited with her grandpa who was a slave. Goody Brim is reunited with his daughter Nettlebud who was also a slave. The shrews, 4 friends and some of the slaves leave the island and go back to Redwall. Most of the water rats on the island surrendered and stayed behind to live together peacfully. When the friends retrun to redwall Song is named Abbes (leader) of redwall. Dannflor is named the champion of redwall.