Marilyn Monroe

  • Otis Elmer Monroe died

    in a mental institution. This was Della's first husband, and the father of Gladys.
  • Period: to


  • Gladys married first husband

    Her husband was twelve years older than she. They had two children whom were taken from her by her husband after she divorces him due to abuse.
  • Gladys left her first husband

  • Della married Grainger

    shortly after they married, Grainger moved to Borneo with the purpose of getting away from Della due to her moodiness/craziness
  • Gladys met Stan Gifford

  • Gladys had Norma

    GLadys couldn't provide for Norma so she left her in the care of the Bolenders.
  • Gladys became pregnant with Norma

    whom the father was Stan Gifford, who was also married to another woman.