Marching Toward War

  • Period: to

    Unification of Germany

    Otto Von Bismarck used war to unify Germany.
  • Period: to

    Alliances between Great Powers

    Growing rivalries and mutual mistrust led to the creation of military alliances among the Great Powers.
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Competition between Germany and France for Alsace-Lorraine. France lost the battle.
  • Period: to

    Bismarck tried to maintain peace in Europe.

    Otto Von Bismarck declared Germany to be a "satisfied power". he turned his energies to maintaining peace in Europe.
  • Dual Alliance Formation

    Bismarck formed the Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  • Germany treaty with Russia

    Bismarck took yet another possible ally away from France by making a treaty with Russia.
  • Triple Alliance Formation

    Italy joined Germany and Austria-Hungary forming the Triple Alliance.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II came to power

    Kaiser Wilhelm became the ruler of Germany
  • Bismarck resignation

    Germany's foreign policy changed dramatically and Kaiser Wilhelm II forced Bismarck to resign.
  • Germany's treaty with Russia broken

    Wilhelm II let his nation's treaty with Russia lapse.
  • Period: to

    Military alliance between Russia and France

    Russia responded by forming a defensive military alliance with France
  • Concern of Fréderick Passy

    Fréderick Passy, a prominant peace activist, expressed a concern for the war.
  • The Triple Entente Formation

    The Triple Entente was made between France, Russia and England.
  • Period: to

    Two rival camps in Europe

    Two rival camps existed in Europe:The Triple Entente (Great Britain, Russia, France) and the Triple Alliance (Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy).
  • Period: to

    Austria took over Bosnia and Hezergovina

  • Period: to

    Great Powers had large standing armies

    All the Great Powershad large standing armies, except from Great Britain thad had a fortified navy. They thought of the importance og being able to mobilize.
  • Visit of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie to Sarajevo

    Franz Ferdinand and Sophie visited Srajevo, Bosnia
  • Franz Ferdinand death

    Franz Ferdinand was killed by a man in Sarajevo
  • Austria's ultimatum

    Austria presented Serbia with an ultimatum containing numerous demands.
  • Austria declared war

    Austria rejected Serbia's offer of making some changes in the demands and declared war.
  • Russia took action

    Russia, ally of Serbia took action. Russian leaders ordered the mobilization of troops towards the Austrian border.